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What Is the New Florida Bill HB 317? How Will It Affect My Commute?

The New Florida bill HB 317 would make it illegal to drive in the left-hand lane on certain roadways except for under special circumstances. If passed, it will take effect on January 1st, 2025.

This bill aims to improve interstate safety for all drivers. However, it also has the potential to increase your commute time and even earn you a traffic ticket if you fail to comply.

We want to help you avoid the consequences of violating this bill should it pass. So, check out this guide to learn more about the qualifying roadways, exceptions, and fines for left-lane driving.

Which Roadways Would Qualify?

If HB 317 becomes law, roadways with posted speed limits of 65 MPH or higher and two or more lanes would qualify. If you drive in the left lane on one of these roadways, you may get a ticket.

65+ MPH Speed Limits

Roads and urban interstates with speed limits over 65 that have at least two lanes would qualify under HB 317. If the bill passes, it will be illegal to drive in the left lane on these roads, even if you drive at the posted speed limit.

It would also be illegal to drive in the left lane on any rural interstate or limited access road, as these roadways have 70 MPH speed limits in Florida.

Two or More Lanes

To clarify, a roadway with two lanes heading in either direction would not qualify under HB 317. A roadway with two or more lanes heading in the same direction would qualify.

If HB 317 becomes law, it would be illegal to drive in the left-hand lane on these legs except for in specific situations.

Would There Be Any Exceptions?

Yes, there would be exceptions to HB 317’s rule that you can’t drive in the left lane. These exceptions include if you need to pass another vehicle, exit the roadway via the left lane, or under legal direction.

HB 317 also gives exceptions to authorized emergency vehicles and vehicles doing highway maintenance or construction. These automobiles can drive in the left lane without exception.

Passing Other Vehicles

Say you are driving the posted speed limit on a roadway with two or more lanes, and you encounter a driver who is going below the speed limit. Under HB 317, you can legally use the left lane to pass the slower driver.

Now, say you are driving on the open highway, and you decide you’d prefer to use the left lane. Even if you go the posted speed limit, you could be ticketed.

Exiting the Roadway

Say you are driving on the interstate, and your exit comes up, but it is on the left-hand side. HB 317 would make it legal to use the left lane to exit.

However, if you exit onto another two-lane roadway with a speed limit of 65 MPH or higher, you must return to the right lane. Failing to do so would earn you a ticket under HB 317.

Under Legal Direction

Say you’re driving on a two-lane, 65+ MPH highway and see traffic control devices taking up the right lane. In this case, you could legally drive in the left lane without worrying about a ticket under HB 317.

The same exception holds if a law enforcement officer directs you to drive in the left lane. You would not get a ticket for complying under HB 317.

What About HOV and Left-Turn Lanes?

HOV lanes and left-turn lanes are another exception to HB 317’s no-left-lane-driving rule. It will still be perfectly legal to use these lanes so long as you stick to the posted speed limit and all other relevant driving laws.

Keep in mind that left-hand turn and HOV lanes do not count as the left lane under HB 317 unless there is only one other lane. The lane immediately to the right of the left-hand turn or HOV lane counts as the left lane under HB 317.

What Would Be the Penalty for Not Complying?

The penalty for not complying with HB 317’s new left-lane driving law would be a fine of up to $158. The driver would also receive a non-criminal moving violation, also known as a civil infraction.

You can compare and contrast non-criminal moving violations vs. non-moving violations. Moving violations occur when the car is in motion; non-moving violations occur when the car is at a standstill.

The bad news about a non-criminal moving violation is that you will obtain points against your driver’s license. If you accumulate too many points on your driving record, your license could become subject to suspension.

Another consequence of earning too many points on your driving record is higher insurance rates. Experts estimate your premium could increase by up to 50 percent for obtaining too many points against your license.

Florida Bill HB 317 vs. SB 258

Even if HB 317 does not become law, driving in the left lane may still be illegal soon. A similar Senate bill, SB 258, will also be considered during the 2024 legislative session.

SB 258 is virtually identical to HB 317. And with many similar bills proposed in the past, it seems that banning left-lane driving is a major goal for Florida’s current government.

What to Do If You Get a Ticket

A $158 fine may not sound like a big deal to you. But if you rack up too many non-criminal moving violations, you could have your license suspended. That’s why it’s crucial to fight any traffic ticket you receive in Florida.

A traffic lawyer can help you avoid the consequences of left-lane driving if HB 317 or SB 258 becomes law. After all, just because you get a ticket does not automatically prove your guilt.

RHINO Lawyers: Your Traffic Ticket Allies

Florida bill HB 317 intends to make it illegal to drive in the left lane on certain roadways. Failing to adhere to this law would result in a fine and points to your driving record, which can drive up your insurance rates or even result in getting your license suspended.

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