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The Hidden Costs of Speeding Tickets in Florida

Most speeding tickets in Florida come with a $200 to $300 price tag. And if you thought that amount was high, take note. Play your cards wrong, and you could find yourself paying up to $1,000 if caught going 50mph over the speed limit. The fees you pay vary according to how fast you’re going. As well as, if they catch you speeding in a specific zone. When it comes to speeding, the best way to protect yourself is to drive within the speed limit. If you thought fines were hefty, there is a pretty good reason why. Speeding comes within the top five most common causes of car accidents, after distracted driving, drunk driving, poor weather, and reckless driving or road rage. If you do tend to push the pedal to the metal, then be aware of the hidden costs that can accompany a speeding ticket.

The Hefty Costs of Point Suspensions

When you receive a ticket, you can earn points which, when accumulated, can cause your license to be suspended. If you receive 12 points within 12 months, you receive a 30-day suspension. For 18 points within 18 months, you get a 3-month suspension. Meanwhile, for 24 points within 36 months, you can receive a 1-year suspension. Simply add up how much taking a car saves you time on public transport, and taxis or Uber. Can you afford to lose your license by racking up points?

Paying More for Insurance

If you are budget-conscious, then one area you may try to save on is insurance. You might do this by choosing a vehicle type that is generally cheaper to insure—for instance, an SUV with a positive rating and reputation for safety or a safe family sedan, as opposed to a car known for its speed. What’s more, is that some brands (including Dodge and Tesla—known for speed—and whose vehicles can be expensive to repair) are pricier than others to insure. If you are looking to save unnecessary expenditures, be aware that in Florida. There is an average 22% increase in a driver’s insurance rate if they get a speeding ticket. This makes sense considering the big role that speeding has played in countless accidents.

Additional Penalties

Drivers have an obligation to stick to speed limits regardless of where they are driving. However, with a view to keeping children safe, Florida lawmakers have created more serious consequences for those violating the law in zones where children are going to and coming from school. As such, you will have to pay a higher fine than average if you get caught speeding in one of these zones. And you can also cause you to lose more points. In general, you can expect to pay double the amount you would for a standard speeding ticket. Moreover, you will have obtained at least 3 points on your license, or 4 points if you’re going 16mph or over the limit, and 6 points if speeding leads to a crash.

More Hidden Costs

Be careful of pleading guilty to speeding in Florida. Doing so will mean you will have a conviction on your record. Seek the help of a traffic lawyer to avoid indirect costs.  The latter can range from out-of-pocket costs for Uber and Lyft to strained relationships with family and friends who you may ask to help you out. While many people would undoubtedly like to ease your burden. Everyone has their own obligations and needs, and they may be unable to adapt to your schedule.

Why Is it Wise to Hire a Lawyer if You Get a Speeding Ticket?

Convictions can have a big impact on your life. So it is always a good idea to hire a traffic lawyer who knows the rules of the road to help reduce the negative consequences. And potentially get your ticket reduced or dismissed. Lawyers who practice in this field know the ins and outs of the relevant legislation. Plus, they rely on various strategies to help their clients. For instance, they may see it fit to challenge the validity of a radar or laser that was used to record your speed.

Clearly, the costs of receiving a citation for speeding in Florida can go way beyond the cost of the fine itself. You can rack up points, end up paying higher insurance premiums, and ultimately find yourself with a suspended license. Therefore, avoid turning your life upside down by sticking to the speed limit and seek legal advice if you are ticketed.


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