If you’ve received a speeding ticket, we can help.

Receiving a speeding ticket can add points to your driver’s license and raise your insurance rates. Just because you received a speeding ticket does not mean you are guilty or that the officer can prove their case against you. We’ve helped thousands of drivers to get their tickets dismissed. No Court. No Points. Or Your Money Back.* That’s our personal guarantee and that’s how confident we are that we will keep your driving record clean. Contact us today for a No Obligation, FREE Case Evaluation.
*Speeding 29+ MPH ineligible. Court costs additional, if any.


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    Speeding Tickets

    To start with, speeding tickets are the most common traffic tickets. As a matter of fact, this is true for tickets issued in and around Tampa and Hillsborough County. Notably, they issued close to three million traffic tickets in Florida in 2017. And more than 651,000 of those tickets were for speeding. Punishment includes a large fine and three or more points against your driver’s license.

    Yet, they issue these tickets under a wide range of circumstances. For instance, driving over the posted limit, driving over the limit in a school or senior zone or a construction zone. So, like everybody else, you don’t want to have to go to court, pay a fine and a surcharge or attend traffic school. Hence, that’s why you’ll want to speak with a Tampa speeding ticket lawyer. Especially, from our traffic ticket attorneys about your Tampa area speeding ticket. Because, the last thing that we want to see you do is waste your time and money.

    So, take charge of your driving record and lawyer up with RHINO Lawyers today.

    Our Approach

    First, speed limits are in place for the safety of people who are on or about our roadways. Thus, the faster you go, the higher the chances you’ll get into a serious accident. Not to mention, the state, counties and various municipalities use speeding tickets as a source of income. So, these fines, surcharges and higher insurance premiums translate into money out of your pocket. Therefore, here’s how we approach speeding tickets on behalf of our clients.

    No Points and No Premium Increases

    Initially, when you contact us, we will confirm that you want our help. Then, we will request a copy of your speeding ticket. Furthermore, we will scrutinize your ticket for any possible errors that might result in a dismissal. After that, we are going to speak with you and advise you on how to proceed. So, assuming that we don’t errors or omissions on your ticket. Next, we will look at some other factors like the type of system used to clock your speed.

    Types of Speed Measurement Devices in Florida

    Admittedly, Florida uses five different ways of measuring a motorist’s speed. Though, some are more accurate than others, but all have their own shortcomings. Thus, our Tampa speeding ticket defense attorneys are well aware of those shortcomings. In fact, all traffic patrol officers need specific training in the ways they will rely on to write a speeding ticket. So, there is a variety of challenges to any method used to ticket you. Still, these might result in either a dismissal of the speeding ticket. Or, a not guilty in a trial for the driver. Actually, Florida uses these devices to determine a motorist’s speed:

    • Radar
    • VASCAR
    • Laser Speed Detectors
    • Pacing a vehicle from behind
    • By using an airplane and stopwatch


    As a result, any trial comes risk. First, a judge can find you guilty. Then, there go those points along with your insurance rate. So, we want to eliminate risk. Here’s how we are often able to do that.

    When the Prosecution has a Solid Case Against You

    When there’s a high likelihood that the case against you can’t get dismissed and a low likelihood of prevailing in a trial, we’ll probably recommend that a plea of no contest gets entered in return for withholding of an adjudication of guilt. That translates into no points on your driver’s license and no adverse insurance rate consequences. You won’t even need to waste a half a day going to court. We’ll notify you of the outcome. Then, we’ll give you instructions on how to pay your fine. We do that for the majority of our speeding ticket clients. They don’t have to be in court. We attend court on their behalf.

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    It’s often life in the fast lane here in Florida. It’s tempting to just pay your traffic ticket and move on, but that’s not going to operate in your best interests. The speeding ticket services that we offer are highly professional and cost-effective. If you’ve received any type of traffic ticket in or around Tampa and Hillsborough County, protect both your driver’s license and your insurance rate. Contact us right away after receiving any type of traffic ticket.