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First of all, speeding tickets are the most common traffic tickets in the US. And, that remains true for tickets issued in and around Tampa and Hillsborough County. So, if you get a speeding ticket you have options. But, due to rumors, urban myths, and misinformation online many people make the wrong choices when handling their ticket. For this reason, here are the top speeding ticket myths debunked.

If the office doesn’t show up in court your ticket is dismissed.

Well, this myth is half true. But, it depends on the state and their rules around officers appearing in court. Actually, some states do not need officers to appear. While other states do require the ticketing officer to appear or the judge will throw out the case. Either way, if you fight your ticket don’t do it alone, make sure you have a traffic ticket attorney by your side.

Errors on your speeding ticket will get your case dropped.

So, the officer made a mistake on your speeding ticket. Does this mean your ticket is not valid? If they made a typo like spelling, wrong number, or another minor error – your ticket is valid. But, if they make a major error like they did not sign the ticket. Or, cited the wrong law could benefit your case if you contest the speeding ticket.

Speeding Tickets don’t follow you from state to state.

Considering, this myth was once true. It is understandable that it still exists among the rumors. But, this stopped when states started participating in the Interstate Driver’s License Compact. The DLC is an agreement between states to share traffic violation information. In other words, they let your home state know about your speeding ticket. So, you can’t escape paying the speeding ticket.

Matching the speed of traffic or passing slower traffic are grounds for dismissal.

To tell the truth, no this is not true. As a matter of fact, once to go over the speed limit you have broken the law. So, it does not matter if the person in front of you is driving slower or you are matching the speed of traffic. When you are behind the wheel you need to follow the posted speed limit.

Officers Have End of the month quotas.

As for quotas, this is a myth I have heard since I was a kid. And, of course, it is not correct. Like, all jobs police officers have performance expectations. Now, their supervisor may use the number of tickets written to gage productivity. But, they do not have a quota to meet each month.


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