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Receiving a Red Light violation can add points to your driver’s license and raise your insurance rates. Just because you received a Red Light violation does not mean you are guilty or that the officer can prove their case against you. We’ve helped thousands of drivers to get their tickets dismissed. No Court. No Points. Or Your Money Back.* That’s our personal guarantee and that’s how confident we are that we will keep your driving record clean. Contact us today for a No Obligation, FREE Case Evaluation.
*Accidents involving serious injury and/or death ineligible. Court costs additional, if any.


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    Failure to Stop at a Traffic Signal

    In the interest of public safety, Florida police departments and judges take going through red lights seriously. So, if you receive a ticket for failure to stop at a traffic signal and you either plead guilty. Or if they find you guilty. The penalty plus surcharges are going to be costly. Then, there are three points off of your driver’s license too.

    IIn fact, if you add everything up, including a half of a day off work and higher insurance rates, a better option will be to retain an experienced Tampa traffic ticket defense attorney from the RHINO Lawyers. Furthermore, we have a variety of ways to argue for a dismissal of a prosecution for a red light violation. Thus, our Tampa traffic ticket defense attorneys look at red light tickets with those ways in mind. They’re articulate and aggressive in arguing for dismissal of these tickets.

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    Red Light Cameras

    Rather, than police officers issuing red light tickets. Instead, the majority of these tickets come from using red light cameras. However, the people who support the use of the cameras maintain that they save lives. Yet, others maintain that the number of rear-end collisions have increased at red light camera intersections. Due to, the sudden stops and attempts to avoid getting a ticket from a red light camera. Actually, the cameras are so controversial that they do not use them in many states.

    Red Light Cameras

    They attach the cameras to poles at intersections. Typically, where police and traffic studies reflect a high rate of red-light violations. In addition, they detect vehicles moving through an intersection with sensors. And, the automated cameras take photos of vehicles that pass through the intersection during a red light. As a matter of fact, they note on the video or photos the date and time of the alleged violation. As well as, the speed of the vehicle and how much time it took for it to go through the intersection.

    The Notice of Violation

    For example, you will receive a Notice of Violation when accused of running a red light in a camera controlled intersection. But, this notice isn’t an actual traffic ticket. Though, the fine is $158, and if you pay the Notice of Violation within 30 days, nothing goes on your driving record. In other words, no half of a day off of work for court, no points off of your driver’s license and no staggering insurance premium increases. So, if you object to the Notice of Violation, a procedure is in place, but the rules of evidence don’t exist. Good luck. That county or municipality wants your money, and your wallet is being held, hostage.

    Traffic Court

    All in all, if you don’t allow that county or municipality take $158 from your pocket, you will receive a traffic ticket. That’s when you should have the constitutional protection of due process of law, but here’s the rub. If found guilty in traffic court, the fine will increase to a minimum of $277. So, the only “good” news about that is you will not get points taken off of your license. But, if you don’t pay the $277 within 30 days, they will suspend your driver’s license. Another issue is that as opposed to an officer citing a driver, a red light ticket gets issued to the owner of the car, no matter who was driving it. As per Florida law, cars can’t testify in court, but apparently, cameras can. Cameras can’t be cross-examined though. So where’s the constitutional protection of due process of law?

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    There may or may not be a reason to defend your red light traffic ticket. Counties and municipalities have even gone so far as to shorten the timing on yellow lights in an effort to make even more money off of red light cameras. Then, there are the issues of red light camera tickets being brought against the wrong vehicles. Talk to us here at RHINO Lawyers right away after receiving any red light camera Notice of Violation in or around Tampa. We offer free consultations, and we’re going to listen to your side of the story closely. Then, we’ll answer your questions and advise you of your legal options. Our Tampa traffic ticket lawyers make it cost-effective to exercise them.