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How Much Do Red Light Camera Tickets Cost in FL?

Always be cautious about red light camera intersections in Florida. If you’re unfortunate, and you get caught in an intersection during a red light; you’re in a very difficult legal position. They send you a traffic ticket through the mail. After, you’ll have 30 days to pay it. Fines vary from municipality to municipality. But if you pay your ticket within those 30 days, the minimum fine will be about $158. The only good news with paying the fine is no points are added to your driver’s license.

If you fail to pay that ticket within the 30 day period, the fine increases to a minimum of about $262 plus court costs. Plus, you receive three points on your license. Take notice that if you’re making a right turn on red and not proceeding prudently and carefully, most municipalities will still ticket you, even if you creep through a red light slower than at a walking pace.

The last thing that you want to do about a ticket issued on an alleged red light camera violation is to ignore the ticket. Incidentally, they could suspend your driver’s license. On that offense, the fines get even higher, and you’ll still need to pay the red light camera ticket fine. Don’t forget about the driver’s license reinstatement fee either. Either pay the $154 for a red light camera ticket within 30 days or contest it within 30 days. If you contest it, visit with us right after that.

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