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Can You Ignore a Red Light Camera Ticket in Florida?

You might not even know when that the red light camera gets you in an intersection. You’re a careful driver, and you’re not just going to disregard a red light. Without any intent, even our best judgment can fail us though. Tickets are issued to careful drivers every day as a result of innocent errors in speed, timing and when a traffic light is going to turn red.

Red light camera tickets are different than other types of tickets. No police officer witnesses the alleged violation pulls you over and issues you a ticket. A camera in an intersection takes a picture of your car when it doesn’t come to a complete stop at a red light. Since there’s no police officer to issue you a red light camera tickets come in the mail. They’re nearly indefensible, and they’re expensive too. Don’t ignore them though. You’ll become a victim of the ticket’s snowball effect.

Upon your receipt of a red light camera ticket, you have 30 days to contest it. If you pay the ticket, you’ll be admitting guilt, but no points will go against your driver’s license. Your insurance company will see the conviction though, so it’s likely that your insurance premiums are going to rise by at least 10 percent. Don’t just ignore the ticket though. Your fine is going to increase by about 40 percent, and if you continue to ignore the ticket, your driver’s license will be suspended. That’s part of the snowball effect. Fines will also increase if you’re stopped by a human police officer and cited for driving on a suspended license. After that, there is the license reinstatement fee.

Here’s the other surprise. Your failure to pay the ticket will likely be reported to the credit bureaus. Suddenly, you’re a deadbeat, and you’ll be paying considerably more to have credit extended to you. The snowball effect can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Upon your receipt of any red light camera ticket in the mail, you’ll want to contest it immediately, After that, call us and let the criminal defense team at RHINO Lawyers help you.