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To start with, road repair/construction is a necessity to keep our roadways and highways in working order. Because roads in disrepair are dangerous for motorists to travel on. But, driving in construction zones also poses a danger to motorists and construction workers alike. So, the state takes driving violations in a construction zone seriously. And, this is what you need to know.

Unsafe Driving Habits in Construction Zones

Unfortunately, navigating through a construction zone can add to a driver’s frustration with an already busy roadway. Especially, when you add construction barriers, new traffic flows, and large construction vehicles. So, we listed some unsafe driving habits you should avoid while in a construction zone.

  • Speed Limit – Not following the reduced speed limit posted in the construction zone.
  • Lane Changes – Merging at the last minute or waiting until the lane ends.
  • Driving Distracted – Using a cell phone without a hands-free device, texting, or any action that takes your attention off the road.
  • Following Safe Distance – Tailgating or following another vehicle too closely.
  • Passing – Drivers not reducing their speed while passing work vehicles stopped on the side of the road.

Construction Zone Speeding Violation Penalties

Next, a person caught speeding in a construction zone is subject to the maximum fine. Yet, if workers are present, then they are looking at double the amount stated in Florida Statute 318.18. Not to mention, the possibility of a mandatory court appearance. As well as, points on their license and increased insurance premiums. So, it’s best to follow the posted speed limit. But, if you receive a ticket we recommend contact us right away so we can help keep your driving record clean.


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