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5 Strategies to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket

Approximately 112,000 drivers in America get a traffic ticket each day. So if you’ve been given a ticket, you are not alone.

Not only can tickets damage your driving record, but they can be costly. You may even have to go to traffic court to settle some moving violations.

If you’ve resigned yourself to paying the fee and taking the points, you should know that there are some simple ways to get out of a traffic ticket.

That’s right, several strategies allow you to walk away without paying a fine or losing points. Use any of these methods when you’ve been pulled over to get away scot-free.

1. Use Your Manners

Traffic cops don’t like it when you break out the theatrics and start crying to get out of a ticket. You’re much more likely to get what you want if you are polite and use your manners.

Start by keeping both of your hands on your steering wheel at all times. This keeps the officer from worrying that you are reaching for a weapon. If you need to get something from your bag or glove box, let the officer know first.

You can also engage in a conversation with the police officer. Ask him or her how their day is going and make small talk during the encounter. This humanizes you and can help you get out of the ticket.

Your attitude should be pleasant and helpful. Answer the officer’s questions respectfully and avoid becoming defensive or argumentative.

2. Be Honest

There’s a lot of advice out there telling you to come up with a good excuse when you get pulled over. While you might think yours is unique, chances are that the police officer has heard it before.

This is likely to irritate the cop and when that happens, the chances of getting out the ticket go down dramatically. It’s much better, to be honest, and open about the infraction.

Let the officer know that you recognize the law you broke. This might be speeding, running a red light, or failing to offer the right of way correctly. Whatever it is, acknowledge your mistake and apologize for it.

Cops are lied to every day and they naturally get tired of it. Having an honest interaction is refreshing and could leave you with a warning instead of a ticket.

3. Mistake of Fact

If you can prove that your moving violation was due to something beyond your control, you may be able to get out of the ticket. This is often referred to as a mistake of fact.

It could happen if something is covering a stop sign or if a traffic sign is too faded to see properly. There are many instances when you can rely on a mistake of fact to get out of a ticket.

If this is your defense, try to get pictures of the sign or area on the road so that you have proof that the traffic violation occurred due to circumstances outside your control.

In these instances, your traffic ticket may be thrown out because you made an honest error. However, you can’t use this excuse and then try to come up with a reason later.

You need to have an honest occurrence to make your case with the mistake-of-fact defense.

4. Have an Excuse

This advice comes with a caveat. You should never use false excuses to get out-of-traffic tickets. It may work sometimes, but if you get pulled over and are planning on disputing a traffic ticket in court, your lie may be discovered.

However, if you have a real excuse, don’t be afraid to use it. For example, if you’re pulled over for speeding because you’re racing to pick up your injured child from school, don’t be afraid to let the officer know.

Stay away from excuses that aren’t reasonable. Being late for work, needing to use the bathroom, or trying to get to the store before it closes are excuses that aren’t going to work in your favor.

Irritated cops are more likely to hand out traffic tickets, so don’t use lame excuses to get out of it. Real reasons to break traffic laws may be overlooked, but be realistic about what might actually get you out of the ticket.

5. Show Up in Court

If you are handed a ticket after being pulled over, hope isn’t lost. You can still try to get out of the ticket in court. The most important way to do this is to show up at the appointed time.

A traffic ticket dispute is much more likely to go your way if you appear on time, look professional, and are prepared. Have all of your paperwork together and be ready to make your case.

If you are nervous or uncomfortable doing this on your own and feel that you have a solid case, consider hiring a criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the process.

What Not to Do When Trying to Get Out of a Traffic Ticket

Just as there are many things you should do when you’re trying to escape a traffic ticket, there are some things you shouldn’t do.

As mentioned above, using false excuses is not a good idea. Lying is never advised, as getting caught in the lie certainly won’t help your case.

Avoid making inappropriate jokes. Don’t tell the officer you were speeding because you just robbed the bank, for example.

Never get out of your car during a traffic stop. This is dangerous for you and the officer. Always pull to the right, unless otherwise instructed.

What’s Next?

So you got pulled over and want to get out of a traffic ticket. It’s entirely possible that you could talk your way out of it using any of the tips on this list.

Remember that cops are people, too. Be polite and respectful. They are doing their job and you can make it easier for both of you by doing your part to end the interaction on a positive note.

Contact us today and we’ll help you every step of the way.


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