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5 Qualities to Look for in a Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

After being involved in a motorcycle accident, you may be left feeling overwhelmed and confused. You’re worried about the next legal steps you need to take to ensure you’re compensated for any injuries or damages. You want to be sure you make all the right moves all while also focusing on your health. At this moment, the most important factor is good health and finding your way back to it. For this reason, it’s important to hire a motorcycle accident injury lawyer. A lawyer with experience in motorcycle accidents can ensure all the right legal steps are being taken for your case while you relax and focus on your health.

How can you be sure to find a motorcycle accident lawyer that’ll have your best interest in mind? There are several qualities to look for when choosing a reputable lawyer for your motorcycle accident. In the guide below, you’ll learn what a few of these qualities are.

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1. Someone With Experience

When first starting your search, look for a lawyer with experience. Experience means a few different things. For starters, you should want to hire a lawyer who’s been in the law business for several years.

They have experience handling legal matters and working with clients. They’re reputable and trustworthy, and that’s why they’ve stayed in business for so long. Experience also means someone who’s dealt with cases similar to yours.

You don’t want to simply hire any injury lawyer or a car accident lawyer. You want someone with experience specifically dealing with motorcycle accidents. There’s a difference, so this is essential.

Lastly, you want someone with experience in your state. Each state has its own laws, so finding a lawyer who’s well versed in your specific state’s laws is also important.

2. Someone With a Good Reputation

Next, be sure the lawyer you hire has a good reputation. What are past clients saying about this lawyer? You can find this information by visiting the lawyer’s website or social media pages and searching for testimonials.

You can also find reviews on review sites online. Another great way to get some insight into a lawyer is by asking for references. If you’re given at least one or two references, then be sure to contact each one.

Ask them what liked and didn’t like about working with the lawyer. The past client might even be able to tell you if the lawyer won their case or not. This is all-important information to keep in mind when making your selection.

3. Someone Who Communicates Well

Another factor to keep in mind is how well the lawyer communicates with you. You want a lawyer who’ll communicate well. Throughout the process, you’ll most likely have a variety of questions come up that you want answers to.

Be sure to find a lawyer who’s willing to answer any questions you may have. If they don’t know an answer to one of your questions, then will they go out of their way to find it? Do they offer multiple methods of communication?

For example, if you need to get ahold of the lawyer, can you text, call, email, or chat on the website? Be sure to go over what your and their preferred method of communication is. Your lawyer should also keep you updated on your case throughout its process.

If anything changes or anything new comes up, then these are things that should be communicated to you.

4. Someone Who’s Honest About Fees

Although you don’t want to make your decision fully on a lawyer’s fees or cost, you should find someone who’s honest about their fees. Wait until you’ve narrowed down your list to your top picks by using the qualities listed above. Once you’ve found someone who has those qualities, you can then begin to compare lawyer fees.

The lawyer you choose should be honest and upfront about all their fees and costs. They should be able to give you a breakdown of what you’ll be charged for or how their fees work. There shouldn’t be any surprise fees or costs hidden along the way.

You should know exactly what you’re expected to pay depending on the outcome of your case. If you feel a lawyer isn’t being honest about their fees, then you may want to continue your search until you find someone who is.

5. Someone Who’s Willing to Go to Trial

One of the last factors to consider is if the lawyer is willing to go to trial for your case or not. If the insurance for both you and the other party involved in the accident can come to an agreement regarding compensation, then this is the best-case scenario. You won’t have to worry about taking the case to court or going through a trial.

When the two parties can’t agree and a settlement can’t be reached, however, then this is when it goes to trial. Not all lawyers have experience taking motorcycle accident injury cases to trial. Find someone who’s willing to do so and has experience doing so as well.

If going to trial is what’s in your best interest, then your lawyer should be prepared to do so.

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