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What Do You Do if You Are Injured on a Cruise Ship?

Cruise ships. They’re the number one vacation people imagine when they think of luxury and relaxation. But all of that can go downhill in a heartbeat once a cruise ship accident occurs.

You don’t have to look far to find a cruise ship lawsuit. Hundreds of cruise ship accidents have been reported since 2005. While some might say this is a rare occurrence, that information won’t feel any better if you’re among the injured on a cruise ship.

If that day comes, you’ll need a cruise ship injury lawyer. Join us as we discuss what you should do if you’re in a cruise ship accident.

1. Don’t Trust the Cruise Line

Cruise ships are a great vacation option since they’re relatively cheap for what you get. They take care of all your meals and offer affordable on-shore packages for activities. But beneath this veneer of a friendly voyage lies a darker truth: the cruise line doesn’t care about you.

The sooner you internalize this, the better. In the event of injuries, the first thing a cruise line will try to do is persuade you against legal action. And when these crises happen, they will leave you high and dry–literally.

A cruise line is a business with a thin margin. In order to make a profit, they have to minimize liability. Thus, a cruise line will try everything in its power to avoid taking responsibility.

They may try shady tactics such as trying to get you to accept an injury settlement prematurely. They may try to wine and dine you, promising coupons and vouchers. They’ll do anything they can to convince you not to sue.

It goes without saying that you should trust your cruise ship injury lawyer before you trust a cruise line.

2. During the Cruise: Gather As Much Information as Possible

Injuries on a cruise ship vary widely in nature. You may have had a slip and fall by the poolside. Or, you were involved in a large accident such as when your ship runs aground.

The problem is that the cruise line has you isolated on their ship. You often do not have any cell service. At most, you may have the complimentary wifi onboard–or may have to pay to get more.

This makes it difficult to contact the relevant authorities. The cruise line may even advise against letting information spread. They may lead you into a false sense of security that their people can handle the situation.

Whatever the case, gather whatever information you can. You can take pictures on your phone of the place where the injury happened, or the injury in question. You can request documents and information from the cruise line’s help staff.

Note, the cruise line may have its own medical staff onboard. They might offer treatment to you with the hope that you won’t press charges. Demand contact with a lawyer if possible so you can know whether to accept these gestures for the time being.

Do Not Cooperate With Cruise Line Staff Concerning Legal Matters

Again, don’t sign any documents that absolve the line of responsibility. You can accept their apologies in the form of coupons and discounts, but don’t let those sway your decision. Once you leave the ship, you can and should file suit.

Do not work with the cruise line’s lawyers. Only work with a lawyer who is fighting on your behalf and is not paid for by the cruise line.

If at all possible, get in contact with a personal injury lawyer for advice on how to proceed. Every situation is different, so trust the professionals to handle things.

3. After the Cruise: Contact a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer and Build a Case

No matter what your situation, a personal injury attorney or lawyer can help you build a case.

If this is an accident that only affects you, you definitely need legal assistance. If you try to work this out with the cruise line directly, you will be sorely disappointed.

Their customer service lines will be clogged with calls like yours. It will prove difficult to speak to someone who matters. Even then, that person may not be able to enact meaningful change.

They may make you jump through hoops to prove your case. Oftentimes, their claims department will reject your requests outright. If you struggle to get a refund for a canceled voyage, imagine getting a refund for something worse!

Build a Case Against the Cruise Line

Now that you’re off the ship, your options will expand. With the help of a lawyer, you can request evidence in your favor. This may be camera recordings, witness statements, and other forms of evidence.

You may have to take the cruise line to court and subpoena some information. This may make proceedings drawn out, but it will be worth it in the end.

Remember, the cruise line is trying to mitigate its liability. They will try everything they can to avoid paying you, which is why you need to turn to your lawyer.

In some cases, such as a massive accident, you may want to contact other victims. Having more people who were affected strengthens your case. Work together to make sure you all receive the right amount of compensation.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney Today

A cruise ship accident may be comparatively rare, but it does happen. The sad reality is that the cruise line itself will do everything in its power to avoid giving you fair treatment. You can and should hire a cruise ship injury lawyer to make sure you get justice and fair compensation.

Not many lawyers can deal with a unique case such as a cruise ship accident. Fortunately, you don’t have to search far for a reliable personal injury lawyer in your backyard. Contact RHINO Lawyers and make the cruise line pay what they owe.


In short, after an accident, you may not know your rights. Above all, don’t struggle through the process alone. Actually, our personal injury team is here to help you with any legal needs you might have regarding your accident.

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