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Tragic Multi-Car Crash Kills Woman in Zephyrhills

Hit twice in a multi-car crash on U.S. 301 around 6:25 a.m., Wednesday, January 2, 2019, a 25-year-old woman died. According to a Florida Highway Trooper at the scene, the deceased was driving a Nissan Altima and slowed to turn into a parking lot when it was hit by an SUV which pushed the Nissan into the path of another car which also struck the Nissan.

Tragically, the impact of the second car flipped the Nissan severely injuring the driver. Paramedic flew the driver to St. Joseph’s Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Multi-Car Pile-Ups

There are several common factors in multi-car pile-ups. First is the risk of multiple stricks of one or more of the cars. A common scenario is when two cars collide and come to a rest. Then oncoming cars unable to stop slam into the car. This happens often on freeways and highways where cars are going at higher speeds and have little time to avoid the cars in front.

Another scenario is where the cars are on city or urban streets and a car immediately in front slows or slams on the brakes not leaving the car behind enough time to stop, and then this happens again to a car further behind resulting in multiple cars colliding.

What to do to Avoid a Multi-Car Crash

The best thing to do is to always be vigilant and watch the cars in front of you and leave enough time in case you have to stop suddenly. If you get in an accident where the possibility of getting struck by another vehicle exists. Experts say to stay in the vehicle and leave your seatbelt on. It’s natural to want to get out, but there is more protection in a car. Plus, the chance of injury is greater when struck in person outside your car.

However, they also say that if there is an overriding need to get out—such as a fire—then it’s, of course, best to exit the vehicle.

First Responders

Multi-car crashes present unique problems to first responders as well. Their first responsibility is to secure the scene and keep further accidents from occurring. This is often done by putting out flares or reflectors to warn the oncoming motorists. The next order of business is to assess the injuries and determine if anyone needs immediate attention, and then get those who need further treatment to the hospital.

How is Fault Determined?

Determining fault is usually a secondary concern to the victims as their focus on getting better. However, eventually, the financial losses pile up and focus in then turned to the issue of compensation. In most multi-vehicle crashes, investigators have a difficult task determining what happened due to the multiple impacts and the scope of the scene. They issue a report once finished. Insurance companies and the courts use the report to determine who was at fault.

In multi-vehicle crashes, it is often the case that several people are at fault for a portion of the accident. One might not be at fault in one collision but is in another. This clouds the issue of who’s to blame and gives leverage to insurance companies who will all point the finger at the other drivers.

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