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Tampa Rearend Crash Results in Rollover – DUI Related?

A Toyota Camry allegedly rear-ended a Hyundai Elantra causing the Camry to flip and roll over several times. The rollover accident happened just after 1:15 a.m., Saturday, February 23, 2019. A Florida Highway Patrol officer said that the driver of both cars were injured and the driver of the Camry was in serious condition and taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The FHP also says that the driver of the Camry was possibly intoxicated, and charges are likely. The rear-end crash happened on northbound I-275 approaching State Road 60 in Hillsborough County.

DUI Rollover Crash

Second, only to head-on Collisions in risk of fatality, a rollover crash can cause serious injury to the occupants of the car. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, roll-over crashes have a much higher fatality rate than a typical two-car accident. Out of the 9 million vehicle crashes in 2010, for example, only 2 percent (140,000) were roll-overs. However, nearly 35 percent of all traffic fatalities came from roll-over crashes.

Two factors greatly impact the risk of death or serious injury in a rollover: ejection and a seatbelt. A person ejected from a vehicle has an increased risk of death. The NHTSA reported that 81 percent of full ejections ended in death for the occupant. If the person was wearing their seatbelt, the risk of ejection greatly diminished.

Seatbelts and Rollover Accidents

In a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, seatbelts reduce the risk of an ejection during a rollover accident from 20 percent to .03 percent. This means wearing a seatbelt reduces the chance of an ejection in a rollover to almost zero. Also, since the person didn’t leave the vehicle, their chance of survival went significantly up.

Roll-Over Liability

In all personal injury cases, the person who is negligent is going to be liable for the damages. The driver of the car that rolled over vehicle typically causes a rollover accident. This means that victims sometimes have to sue the driver of the car of which they were an occupant.

Since the issue of a seatbelt greatly impacts the likelihood of a serious injury or death in a rollover. Thus, becoming an issue for liability. The insurance company will try to make the case that a person wearing a seatbelt would have less injuries or none at all.

This sounds logical, but the truth is not wearing your seatbelt doesn’t automatically make you not eligible for compensation for your injuries. However, it may reduce the amount you will get, depending on the circumstances.

Do I need an Attorney?

Unfortunately, if you are involved in a rollover accident or rear-end crash where injury occurred, eventually you will have to deal with the financial loss that comes with it. The best thing to do—after you take care of your immediate medical needs—is to talk to someone who can advise you of your rights and legal options. This doesn’t mean that you have to retain an attorney, but speaking to one can give you the correct information to make a decision.

Contact a Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer

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