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Street Racing Crimes Involve More Than Just the Drivers in Florida

Street racing is a problem in Florida that is common among young drivers. It is illegal to engage in this type of activity and it can be the cause of all sorts of accidents and big problems for other drivers. People who take part in highway racing are playing with their own lives and the lives of those around them.

The danger street racing poses is so extreme. In fact, the state of Florida has imposed many very harsh penalties on anyone who races on the highway. The consequences of engaging in street racing crimes can result in an arrest. Plus, include very large fines, as well as jail time. Careless drivers on the streets face the harsh reality of danger they put others in when racing.

Street racing is a dangerous and illegal activity that many young drivers engage in. It can be the cause of fatalities and other consequences. Continue reading our overview to see why street racing can involve a lot more than just the drivers in Florida.

The Consequences of Street Racing

The Florida statutes Section 316.191 defines racing as a second-degree misdemeanor. This results in a first offense penalty of 60 days of jail time. The penalty can increase for multiple offenses of street racing crimes or has been part of highway racing in the past.

Offenders can receive a $1,000 to $5,000 fine and a two-year license revocation. As well as, one year of incarceration in county jail. A second offense will boost up the mandatory fine to around $1,000 to $3,000. This can also result in the loss of a vehicle title. If convicted of two or more violations within a five-year period.

Anyone can get arrested for street racing if they deliberately stop traffic and drive a vehicle for racing on the highway. Or if they assist in setting up a race. A passenger of the vehicle racing can receive a street racing charge.

Multiple offenses within a five-year period can result in jail time and four-year license revocation. The severity of street racing offenses also applies to spectators watching an illegal street race for any reason.

Spectators receive a $500 fine and points against their license even if they didn’t drive any vehicle or engage in the organization of a street race.

It does not matter if a street race is highly organized or a spur-of-the-moment event. Everyone involved gets prosecuted to the full letter of the law. They make little to no exceptions when arresting street racing participants. This is why spectating a street race can have dire and costly consequences for everyone.

Other Related Consequences

Going to jail for street racing crimes isn’t the only thing that happens. Actually, more comes along with it that can make things much worse. They can bring other charges up against someone arrested for racing. Or if involved in a street race.

Even if they are bystanders and not operating any vehicle involved at the time. You will need to find a lawyer to represent you if the state decides to take action with additional charges.

Some of the other charges that can get applied in court include vehicular homicide and reckless driving with serious bodily injury. Vehicular homicide is when death happens due to reckless driving.

A conviction gets seen by a court as a class 2 felony and results in up to 15 years in prison. An even more serious penalty of 30 years in prison will apply if a driver flees the scene of the crime.

A person charged with reckless driving with serious bodily injury faces up to five years in state prison if convicted. This charge becomes a third-degree felony if the driver causes injury or disfigurement to a victim. Both of these charges can also result in the loss of a driver’s license for up to three years.

No matter what type of charges you face as a result of street racing, the state will require everyone to attend and submit proof of completion of a basic driver improvement course. Depending on the number of or severity of the offenses, a court can require someone to complete a 4-hour course or as much as a 12-hour driving course.

Defenses for Street Racing Charges

If you or someone you know gets charged with any kind of illegal street racing, the next step would be to have a legal defense. The penalties for a conviction of street racing a severe, so being ready to face them can be intimidating.

An experienced lawyer will use lack of evidence or inability to prove beyond reasonable doubt as a defense argument. This can also include showing that speeding occurred, but not knowingly street racing. The best defense to any charges or consequences to highway racing is not to be anywhere close to it at all.

Knowing About Street Racing Consequences

Our street racing consequences overview will inform you about what happens when someone engages in highway racing. The recklessness of speed with racing on the highway puts many people at risk. Even those not involved in the race. The penalties in place should help prevent drivers from partaking. Because racing on public roads is a careless activity.

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