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Your teen driver just received their first traffic ticket. What should they expect? Consequently, teenagers have the same three options every driver has when they receive a traffic ticket.

The best option for teenage drivers as well as everyone on the else is to avoid traffic violations. However, even the most careful driver makes a mistake occasionally. Therefore, knowing their options is important.

Ticket Options

Typically, you or your teen have the following three options available for handling a traffic ticket. Yet, it will depend on your situation when selecting the best option.

  • Pay the ticket – This is the worst option for moving violations. Remember paying the ticket may also result in points on their driver’s license and an increase in insurance costs for the next three years. Incidentally, it is the opposite for non-moving violations.
  • Pay the ticket and elect traffic school – This means you or your teen will pay the ticket and pay the cost of traffic school. This could help your teen keep points off their license. While traffic school is available online, they still need to spend the four-hour equivalent of being in a classroom.
  • Fight the ticket – This means that your teen will not have to pay the ticket until the end of their trial. Yet, if the ticket gets dismissed, they will not have to the fine and can keep their driving record clean.

Please keep in mind. The law does not allow a minor to hire an attorney, so as the parent or guardian you will need to hire the attorney for them.

Other LAWS for Teen Drivers

In addition, to the normal traffic laws, minors have other laws to follow to protect their right to drive. These laws also have penalties for teenage drivers that violate them.

  • No Moving Violation Convictions – Minor’s that receive a moving violation while they have their learner’s permit will extend the time of the learner’s permit for a year from the conviction or till the age of 18.
  • School Attendance – Not attending school could suspend their driving privilege or keep them from getting their license until they can provide proof, they have attended school for a minimum of 30 days in a row.
  • Using Alcohol – Florida has a zero-tolerance policy. Drivers under 21 caught with a .02% or more will receive an automatic 6-month suspension of their license. If they get caught twice, they lose it for one year.
  • 6+ points in 12 months – Your teen will have their license restricted to “business only” driving for a 12-month period or until the age of 18.
  • Tobacco Possession Conviction – Minor’s convicted of tobacco possession will have their license revoked for a minimum of 30 days.


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