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Motorcycle vs Car Accidents: Which Is Worse?

If you have ever been in an auto accident, you know just how terrifying it can be. Motorcycle incidents are no exception—in fact, they could be even worse.

There are six million car accidents every year. This means almost everybody has either been in an accident themselves or knows someone who has.

The traffic fatalities for motorcycle incidents aren’t great either. More than 80% of motorcycle accidents result in an injury or death.

When comparing motorcycle accidents vs. car accidents, which is worse? This motorcycle accidents vs. car accidents guide will go through the differences between these two types of vehicle incidents.

Let’s get started.

What Can Cause an Accident?

Both motorcycle and car accidents mainly occur because of speeding and drunk driving. In fact, 28% of all traffic fatalities in the United States are due to drunk driving. This is a surprising statistic, considering how many targeted media campaigns there are against driving under the influence.

Speeding and distracted driving are also big problems. Speeding was a factor in 26% of all traffic fatalities in 2018. People are also aware of the dangers of using their phones while driving. But that doesn’t seem to change the fact that they continue to use them.

Regardless of motorcycle and car accidents having these two unfortunate similarities, motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars.

Although motorcycle riders only account for 3% of the road’s registered vehicles, they are part of a disproportionate amount of traffic injuries and fatalities. If you’re thinking of switching your car for a motorcycle, keep in mind that you’ll be increasing your chances of being involved in a crash that results in injury or death.

Motorcycle Accidents

Outside of drinking, speeding, and distracted driving, there are a handful of common causes of motorcycle accidents unique to that specific vehicle.

Motorcyclists are in more danger of a car accident when it involves a car making a left-hand turn. This occurs when a motorcycle is going straight through an intersection, passing other vehicles, or trying to overtake the car. The car driver might not see or expect the motorcycle’s maneuver and end up striking them.

Then there’s lane splitting, which is not legal in all states because it is such a big factor in motorcycle accidents. If you own a bike, driving between two lanes will put you at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. This is because you won’t have the same space to maneuver. And your proximity to other vehicles will make it so car drivers can’t anticipate your movements.

Car Accidents

With car accidents, you can pin the cause between two different categories. You have driver error and external circumstances; this includes weather conditions, health emergencies, or failure with your brakes or tires.

You should know that distracted driving is the most common cause of car crashes. In fact, 25% of all car accidents are related to using a cell phone. So be sure to put your phone away while you drive and keep it hands-free when you’re making important calls.

Another common cause of car accidents is driver fatigue. If you’re feeling tired, you must pull over and take a break. Otherwise, you risk falling asleep at the wheel, and that can lead to devastating consequences.

It’s worth mentioning that you should also avoid aggressive driving. Keep your safety as the top priority, and don’t take any risks when you’re driving. Especially if they could result in an accident. Take it nice and easy, even if you’re in a rush.

Injuries and Fatalities

Motorcycle accidents are naturally more dangerous than car accidents because of the difference in protection between them. After all, motorcyclists aren’t protected by steel in the same way that car riders are; this can cause a motorcyclist to be thrown from their bike during an accident.

The most common motorcycle accident injuries include brain damage and concussion, road rash, joint injuries, facial disfigurement, and biker’s arm.

You can reduce the severity of a head injury by wearing a helmet. Many people are unaware of what a biker’s arm is, but essentially, it’s when the upper arm’s nerves are damaged. This can lead to permanent paralysis of your arm.

Clearly, motorcycle injuries are no joke, and it doesn’t help that these accidents have a high likelihood of resulting in injuries. In fact, not only are motorcyclists more likely to be hurt than someone in a car accident, but they’re 26 times more likely to die.

There’s also the concern with sport and supersport motorcycles. These are bikes that are designed for impressive speeds. The problem is that they account for a disproportionate number of motorcycle incidents and deaths.

This is a scary statistic, especially when you consider how dangerous regular motorcycles are. Supersport motorcycles have a death rate that is four times higher than that of your standard bike.

This doesn’t mean that you need to forget about buying the motorcycle of your dreams. Being aware of the risks can make you a more alert and prepared driver.

Avoid being under the influence when you go for a motorcycle ride, drive defensively, and stay alert.

Motorcycle Accidents vs. Car Accidents

The last thing you want to think about when you get into your car or hop on your motorcycle is the potential dangers of the road. Although it may be a scary thought, knowing the statistics can help you become a better driver and know how to handle any accidents.

When it comes to motorcycle accidents vs. car accidents and which is worse, it’s clear that there’s a bigger danger in riding a motorcycle. However, every type of vehicle comes with its own risks. The best thing you can do is drive defensively and obey traffic laws.

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