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Most Dangerous Highways in Florida for Trucking Accidents

As you cruise down the interstate toward the beach in Florida, you fill your mind with images of ocean waves and sandcastles. All of a sudden, a semi-truck strikes you from behind. Now, the worst accident you could have ever imagined experiencing has become your reality.

Research shows that 130,000 people suffer injuries in trucking accidents each year. Unfortunately, Florida’s highways are among the most dangerous ones in the United States due to problems like higher speeds and more congestion.

To avoid trucking accidents, you need to be aware of the roads to be extra careful on. Here’s a rundown of the most dangerous highways in Florida for trucking accidents.

Let’s jump in!

Interstate 75

Interstate 75 covers 470-plus miles between Miami and the Georgia-Florida border. However, the highway is 1,040 miles long in total and runs all of the way to Michigan, spanning 15 states.

Unfortunately, this Atlantic Coast interstate experiences numerous accidents due to the highway’s safety issues and traffic congestion. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles use the road each day. Commercial trucks make the highway even more dangerous due to the sheer size of these motor vehicles.

In light of the above, Interstate 75 is considered to be the fourth-most dangerous highway in the US.

The areas of Interstate 75 that witness the most collisions are the Broward and Miami areas.

One of the biggest reasons why accidents happen on Interstate 75 is distracted driving. In light of this, you must avoid using your smartphone while driving on the highway. If you have to use GPS to reach your destination, be sure to enter the location into your device before you begin driving.

Interstate 10

This interstate spans most of the northern sections of the Sunshine State, stretching toward America’s West Coast. It goes through a total of eight states on the way to California.

This highway, which happens to be the southernmost one in the US, does not cover as much ground in Florida as other highways. The highway’s easternmost section begins in Jacksonville and then goes west toward Pensacola. The interstate then enters Alabama.

The highway is especially popular for semi-trucks that are making cross-country trips for deliveries. Sadly, this also means that the potential for crashing into a commercial truck on this highway is high.

One of the major problems with this highway is that it doesn’t have median barriers. As a result, wrong-way drivers can easily crash into oncoming vehicles.

Interstate 4

This highway is nicknamed “The Haunted Highway” due to how dangerous it can be for car and semi-truck drivers, as well as the paranormal activity reportedly witnessed on this stretch of road.

This interstate links Daytona Beach and Tampa. In Tampa, the interstate merges with Interstate 275. Meanwhile, in Daytona Beach, the highway merges with Interstate 95.

The interstate also goes to Orlando — one of the state’s largest tourist cities. As a result, when you travel on this highway, you can expect to see several accidents and heavy traffic. As with Interstate 75, distracted driving is a major cause of accidents on this highway.

More than one fatality occurred per mile on the east-west highway for several years. As a result, it is among the deadliest highways in America.

The “Dead Zone” is the name of a particular section of the highway. This section is located halfway between Daytona Beach and Orlando.

Here, a bridge stretches over Florida’s St. John’s River. The bridge’s southern end is particularly known for being haunted. In addition, an eastern lane on the interstate was erected over gravesites.

There have also been electrical outages and alleged ghost sightings on the highway. Some drivers have additionally complained about losing their mobile phone signal in this area.

Interstate 95

This is deemed the most dangerous highway in the US. That’s because it’s a popular highway for inexperienced drivers and tourists.

This highway specifically has a four-mile stretch where the rate of fatalities is higher compared with the remainder of the interstate.

United States Highway 41

This highway is also a dangerous Florida roadway running through Tampa. It is the 10th deadliest highway in the US, featuring more than 700 crashes leading to more than 700 deaths during the past 10 years.

United States Highway 27

This is another dangerous highway for trucking accidents in Florida. United States Highway 27 stretches for around 500 miles to Georgia from Miami.

The highway is nicknamed “Bloody 27” because hundreds of crashes and fatalities have occurred on the highway in the area of Lake Okeechobee. Distracted driving and speeding are common causes of crashes on this highway.

United States Highway 19

Finally, this interstate is additionally known for being dangerous for commercial truck crashes in Florida.

The highway runs across Florida’s western section and enters many states. However, it begins below the border of Florida and Georgia, and it ends at St. Petersburg’s southernmost part.

This highway is so deadly because it attracts heavy traffic. Distracted driving and a large number of pedestrians on the road contribute to the number of accidents that occur there.

How We Can Help with Trucking Accidents

The most dangerous highways in Florida for trucking accidents include Interstates 75, 10, 4, and 95. Other deadly Florida roads include United States Highways 41, 27, and 19. Dale Mabry Highway can also be dangerous for trucking accidents.

At RHINO Lawyers, we can help you to seek the compensation you’re entitled to if a semi-truck driver injures you in an accident due to negligent driving. We’ll make sure that your rights are safeguarded every step of the way.

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