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Improper Passing

From time to time, we’ve all passed other vehicles that we share the roadway with. In Tampa, and the rest of Florida, there’s a right way of passing, and three wrong ways of passing. Florida Statute 316.083 addresses each form of improper passing. If a police officer witnesses a driver making an improper passing maneuver, it’s likely the officer will cite the driver. If an officer doesn’t witness the maneuver, the driver can still expect a ticket for the offense after an accident. Here are the three ways that a driver can expect to receive an improper passing ticket:

  • Passing on the Right: This usually occurs on a four-lane road when a vehicle is traveling too slowly in the left lane. Both vehicles are in violation of the law under these circumstances.
  • Blind Passing: This occurs on curves or hills when passing in the oncoming traffic lane and the passing driver can’t see oncoming traffic at a safe distance.
  • Dangerous Passing: This offense involves cutting another vehicle off after making a pass. At one time or another, we’ve all gotten cut off by another driver.

Improper Lane Changes

Lane change violations are contemplated by Florida Statute 316.085. To legally change lanes in Florida, a driver must first learn that the maneuver can be completed with a clear path. That includes lane changes when passing another vehicle. When passing another car complete it before coming within 200 feet of an oncoming vehicle. A violation can also occur when approached or passed by another vehicle. The driver must make a lane change in a safe and careful manner. A police officer will usually write an improper lane change ticket after an accident, but he or she can independently cite a driver if the officer saw the offense.


Improper passing and improper lane change violations carry a fine of up to $300 plus court costs and at least three points against your license. Get points waived upon enrollment and satisfactory completion of a defensive driving course. A person can only take such a course once a year.

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There are alternative dispositions to improper passing and improper lane change charges. Don’t ignore them. Our goal is to obtain the best possible disposition of your traffic case. Contesting your ticket is the only way of approaching that. Contact the Tampa traffic ticket attorneys at RHINO Lawyers as soon as possible after being cited, and our criminal defense team let you know what we think we might be able to do for you.