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How To Get a Car Accident Report in Tampa Florida

Involved in an accident involving a serious injury or a loved one passed away during the collision? Obtain your car accident report. Then be sure to contact our personal injury team for a free consultation. RHINO Lawyers is dedicated to tackling the insurance companies head-on.

How To Get a Car Accident Report in Tampa Florida

In the City of Tampa, police will file an accident report shortly after the crash. (If you did not call the police. File an accident report within 10 days of the crash. In the future, always call 911 after a crash.)

If you have retained an attorney, they will likely obtain the accident report on your behalf. Also, your insurer or you may obtain an accident report for a crash that you were involved in. The law only allows these parties to obtain the accident report for the first 60 days from the time of filing.

If you are obtaining the report yourself, you will need a photo ID and you will also need the Sworn Statement for Traffic Crash Report Information form which you can download here Sworn Statement PDF.

Tampa accident reports may be purchased online on the Traffic Accident Report Request page or picked up in person at the Tampa Police Department, 411 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602 during normal business hours.

When will the crash report be available?

Short-form crash reports are usually available within a week of the crash.

Long-form Florida Traffic Crash Reports are usually available around 10 days or so after the crash. They use these reports when there are DUIs, significant property damage, injuries, or deaths. Long-form reports are also filled out when a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle totaled a car.

Let Us Help Retrieve Your Auto Accident Report

Dealing with an auto accident is stressful. Allow us to aid you in locating your report swiftly. Simply provide us with basic details about your auto accident, and our team will work to find your report for you.

What To Expect:

By submitting your request, you consent to RHINO Lawyers’ auto accident team contacting you to offer assistance. In addition, expect potential follow-up communication via telephone, email, or SMS from our auto accident team to help in your recovery process. It’s important to note that utilizing this service does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Additionally, you agree to adhere to our Terms of Use.

What to Do With Your Accident Report:

Thoroughly review your police accident report. This document holds crucial details, such as insurance providers, driver identities, and the law enforcement officer’s assessment regarding fault attribution for the accident.

To get started click here, complete the form, and we will do the rest.

Do I need an attorney?

You may not need an attorney for accidents resulting in only property damage or minor scrapes and bruises. However, it is always important to speak to an attorney after any crash resulting in serious injuries or fatal accidents. Tampa injury lawyers provide free consultations and offer you advice that is in your best interest.