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Generally, Florida records about 200 thousand car accidents each year. Unfortunately, these accidents happen due to many different reasons. Although we cannot change the habits of other drivers, we can adjust our habits to be better drivers.

At any rate, by adjusting our driving habits we can start to reduce the risk of car accidents and injuries from car accidents. As well as, we can start making the road safer for all drivers. So, here are six things we can change or improve your skills on the road.

Boost your skills as a driver

First, every driver new or veteran should try to improve their skills. And, boosting your skills is as easy as taking a driving course. Either, with a driving instructor or even by taking racecar driving lessons. In either case, by taking one of these instructor lead courses you will advance your car handling skills and help keep you safe on the road.

Identifying weaknesses

Second, all drivers should identify their weaknesses or bad driving habits. Unfortunately, every driver thinks they drive great, but we all have habits that put us at risk while behind the wheel. Such as, speeding, tailgating, or driving distracted. So, when you get behind the wheel take a look at your driving and be truthful with yourself. Then as you identify any bad habits try to change them, it will make you a better driver.

Defensive Drivers are better drivers

Third, defensive driving is more than just driving carefully or at a safer speed. Actually, it is more about being aware of your surroundings. So, you can quickly respond to any dangers created by other drivers. By staying alert, you will be able to brake in advance or avoid their dangerous choices. Thus, keeping you safer while on the road. Remember, if you need to brush up on your skills or you are never taught these skills you can take a defensive driving class.

Keep Emotions under control while driving

Fourth, your emotions can affect how you perform behind the wheel. Whether you are happy, angry, or sad strong emotions can distract you and cloud your judgment causing you to make poor decisions. So, don’t allow your emotions to put you at risk. Instead, try to recognize these strong emotions and don’t drive. Either, wait until you have everything under control or have a friend drive. By recognizing your emotional state and using good judgment you will assure your safety. As well as, the safety of others on the road.

Don’t Be A Distracted Driver

Fifth, we all know we should put our phones away while driving. But, we should also avoid any activity that takes our attention away from the road or our hands off the steering wheel. Because these activities could lead to a crash by causing you to swerve or not see another motorist. Just wait until you have safely stopped and use your defensive driving skills to stay focused on the road.

Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Sixth, keeping up with routine maintenance will keep your car running. Not to mention, parts like brakes and tires are essential to your car’s handling and your safety on the road. But, routine maintenance includes all areas of your vehicle. For instance, you should make sure you have fuel, you get your oil changed regularly, and your lights and signals work. While some people can maintain their vehicle without help. Others may need a mechanic’s help. Regardless, of how you maintain your car. A well-maintained car is less likely to break down so you can travel safely from destination to destination.


In short, after a car accident, you may not know your rights. Above all, don’t struggle through the process alone. Actually, our personal injury team is here to help you with any legal needs you might have regarding your accident.

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