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How Penalties Rise Depending on Speed Limit

In 2020 alone, Florida law enforcement gave out nearly 550,000 speeding tickets. Officers issue speeding citations when someone exceeds the speed limit. You can then receive a fine for speeding.

But a fine is not the only penalty for speeding in Florida. You may end up paying higher insurance premiums. And you will incur points to your driving record.

Luckily, fighting your speeding ticket in traffic court can help you avoid these consequences. We will talk more about how our attorneys can help you get out of a Florida speeding ticket at the end.

But first, let’s talk about how the fines you pay for speeding increase depending on how fast you are driving.

What Is the Penalty for Exceeding the Speed Limit in Florida?

There are two types of penalties for speeding in Florida. This includes a warning and a fine. You can not go to jail for speeding tickets in Florida, though you may have to serve time if you are pulled over for reckless driving.

A Warning

There is a common misconception that an officer will only pull you over if you are going 10% or more above the posted speed. Other people will tell you that going a few miles over the speed limit will not result in you getting pulled over.

However, this is untrue. Going even 1 MPH over can get you pulled over. But as long as you keep your speed below 5 MPH, you will only receive a warning. And warnings do not typically come with fines.

A Fine

Going 6 MPH to 30+ MPH over the speed limit will earn you a fine in Florida. The exact amount you pay depends on how many miles per hour you were driving over the posted speed.

You can check out Title XXII Chapter 318.18 to see the speeding fines for yourself. Or keep reading below for a full breakdown.

Driving Points

Florida uses a points system to record driving infractions on your record. There are 3-point infractions as well as 4-point infractions.

Speeding by 15 MPH or less will only incur 3 points on your driving record. Speeding by 15 MPH or more will incur 4 points on your driving record.

License Suspension

The points system is not only used by insurance companies to determine your auto insurance premiums. Officers also use it to track your driving history.

For instance, say you accumulate a total of 12 points on your record. If you accrue these points within 12 months, a traffic court could suspend your license for up to 30 days.

How Much Is a Speeding Ticket?

Florida breaks down speeding fines in the following way:

  • 6–9 MPH over the speed limit receives a fine
  • 10–14 MPH over the speed limit receives a fine
  • 15–19 MPH over the speed limit receives a fine
  • 20–29 MPH over the speed limit receives a fine
  • 30 MPH or more over the speed limit receives a fine

Here are the fines for each.

Fines for Going 6–14 MPH Over

Going 6–9 MPH over the speed limit is a pretty minor infraction. You could only receive a warning. But most likely, the officer will issue you a ticket plus a $25 fine.

Going 10–14 MPH over the speed limit will incur a $100 fine.

Fines for Going 15–29 MPH Over

The fine for going 15–19 MPH over the posted speed limit is $150 in Florida. The fine for going 20–29 MPH over is higher at $175.

Remember that going 15+ MPH over will earn you 4 points on your driving record. And if you get three of these violations, you will have to forfeit your license for 30 days.

Fines for Going 30+ MPH Over

Going 30 MPH or more over the speed limit is a major traffic violation in Florida. You will have to pay a $350 fine.

If you go 50+ over and have other offenses, you may have to serve jail time. Call a traffic ticket lawyer ASAP to find out your rights in a situation like this.

How Much Is the Fine for Subsequent Speeding Tickets?

The only time you receive a penalty for a subsequent speeding ticket in Florida is if you go 30+ MPH over. When you receive your second citation within 12 months, you will pay a $700 fine.

However, if a traffic court did not convict you of the first speeding citation, you can not get this penalty. Again, this is why it is so important to call a traffic ticket lawyer the first time you receive a citation.

How Much Is the Fine for Speeding in a School Zone?

There are no warnings for speeding in a Florida school zone. If you go 1–5 MPH over, you will receive a ticket and a $50 fine. If you go 5+ MPH over, you will pay two times the regular traffic fines we listed above.

How Much Is the Fine for Speeding in a Construction Zone?

Speeding in a posted construction zone while workers are present can earn you double the fines listed above. However, this only applies if the workers are on the road or adjacent to the road.

How Much Is the Fine for Speeding in a Penalty Zone?

Enhanced penalty zone fines begin at $50 for going 1–5 MPH over. If you go 6–30+ MPH over, you will pay the fine listed above plus $50.

How Much Is the Fine for Speeding on a Toll Road?

Speeding in a zone that collects electronic or manual tolls will earn you two times the amounts listed above. However, you can get out of a toll road fine if there is no traffic control device on that toll road.

Need a Lawyer to Represent You in Traffic Court?

Exceeding the speed limit in Florida comes with fines, points, and a potential loss of your driving rights. The higher your speed when the officer pulled you over, the more these penalties will increase.

Stop falling victim to Florida’s strict speeding regulations. Call RHINO Lawyers today to get a free case evaluation and learn how we can help you fight for your rights in traffic court.


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