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How Long Does Reckless Driving Stay on Record?

As per Florida Statute 316.192, a person drives recklessly when he or she operates a vehicle in “willful or wanton disregard of persons or property.” A charge of reckless driving is taken seriously by Florida prosecutors and judges.

Some Florida DUI charges can get reduced to reckless driving. Given the facts of a case, law enforcement, insurance companies, and potential employers are all able to read between the lines on reckless driving cases. Although some people equate reckless driving with careless driving, there is a dramatic difference between the two.

A first reckless driving conviction is punishable by up to six months in jail. As well as, a fine not to exceed $500. Penalties on a second conviction double. Under some circumstances, you can receive a felony charge from reckless driving. On top of the possible criminal charges, there are other consequences from a reckless driving conviction.

You will receive four points on your driver’s license. You can also expect that your insurance premiums are going to dramatically increase for the next three years. A conviction can also impact job, educational and housing opportunities. Even a non-conviction of a reckless driving charge can stay with you for the rest of your life. Unless you are eligible to have the charge expunged.

You don’t want that charge following you around forever. So, before bringing a petition for expungement before a court; you’ll need to obtain a certificate of eligibility from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Given the number of people seeking expungements; you can expect that it will take at least six months to obtain a decision on a certificate. So make sure that you plan ahead. Always remember the law allows one expungement of a charge in your lifetime unless otherwise ordered by a court.

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