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Fall is officially upon us, which means that the holiday season is about to begin. From Halloween until the New Year, you can bet that many Americans will be traveling to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. If you plan on traveling to celebrate with family and friends, you’ll need to prepare your car for colder weather travel and for emergencies.  Here are some holiday road safety tips from RHINO Lawyers to ensure that your holidays are fun-filled and safe.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Though we have some of the warmest winters. There are a few things you can do to reduce the risk of getting into a crash or needing roadside assistance while driving this holiday season. Here are some useful tips to help get you prepared:

  • Make sure your car is ready. Basic maintenance is essential to maintaining the life of your vehicle. Just follow the maintenance schedule found in your owner’s manual. Because being stranded on the side of the road is not fun in any temperature.
  • Check your tires. Your tires lose air faster at colder temperatures. While this is not as much of a concern for Florida residents, your tires do wear down. Check your tires’ tread and tire pressure often to make sure they don’t need rotating or replaced. If you aren’t sure about your tires, a tire shop attendant will check them for you.
  • Be prepared for anything. Carry emergency supplies with you when you travel. Things like water, nutrition bars, a first-aid kit, and other emergency supplies are beneficial in case you are involved in a crash or are left stuck by a weather occurrence that causes an extensive delay.
  • Don’t Drive Drowsy or Under the Influence. Driving drowsy or under the influence can affect your ability to drive, don’t get behind the wheel as you’re more at risk to cause a crash. Instead, use an option like UBER or Lyft to get you home safely.

Bad Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

Whether you do see snow flurries this winter or you travel to a snowy destination here are a few things to make your travels safer:

  • Check the weather forecast before traveling. Being caught in a blizzard by surprise or a thunderstorm is no way to spend your holiday.
  • Let someone know where you’re going. Make sure to give them addresses to where you plan on staying and information about the other people that you are traveling with. Additionally, check in with your loved ones regularly so they don’t worry.
  • Before heading out defrost your car. Take the time to clear the snow off your entire car and double-check that you can see out of all the windows.
  • Reduce driving speed and increase your following distance. When road conditions this will ensure you have enough time to come to a safe stop.

What to Do After an Accident

Even, after all, we do to prevent an accident, it still can happen. If you find yourself in this position RHINO Lawyers recommend doing the following:

  • After the accident, immediately put your emergency lights on to warn other drivers. If possible, move your car to a safe place.
  • If you are not alone, check your passengers for injuries, and if needed call emergency numbers. Call the police if another vehicle has been involved or if you need further assistance.
  • Exchange required insurance information with the other driver. Do not discuss the accident with the other person; wait until the police arrive.


If you receive a ticket or you’re in an accident this holiday season contact RHINO Lawyers. We can help and guide you through a system that has been molded by law enforcement, judges, and lawyers for decades. Having won cases for our clients in similar circumstances, our personal injury team knows what it takes to fight on your behalf.

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