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Good Samaritans Save Truck Driver’s Life after Wreck

Good samaritans save truck driver’s life after wreck in Polk County. A semi-truck and a dump truck tangled. This caused the semi-truck driver to be partially ejected. The accident happened around 10:40 am, January 8, 2019. Some mechanics at a nearby shop came out and assisted the driver. Witnesses said a semi-truck pulling a tank trailer was heading west on Eagle Avenue when it went through a red light at U.S. 17 and hit the dump truck traveling north on U.S. 17.

A patron of a nearby barbershop ran outside after hearing the collision and called 911. He witnessed the mechanics helping the severely injured truck driver.

According to The Ledger, “They got both the drivers out and the driver of the semi-truck was bleeding heavily,” he said. “They ran to the shop and grabbed all their shop towels and held pressure on the man’s neck and chest injuries until help arrived. If it wasn’t for them, he most likely would have bled to death in the truck.”

Paramedics airlifted the semi-truck driver to the hospital. While they took the dump truck driver to the hospital by ambulance.

When Good Samaritans Help

Good Samaritans often save lives and make injuries less severe, and many times, they are the first on the scene. This means that they are in the best position to help save a life if time is of the essence. Pulling someone from a burning car or putting pressure on the severed artery. So even though many of these people are not trained, they can be life-savers.

What if the Good Samaritan Makes Things Worse?

Not being trained can put the well-meaning person in the position of causing further injury or even death. Making the choice between moving someone off the street or putting up flares to keep people off that section of the road is one such decision. Making the wrong one can have serious consequences.

The good news is, most states, including Florida, have Good Samaritan laws that provide legal protection for those who help out in emergency situations. There is one caveat, the actions of the person must be in line with those that a “reasonable and prudent person would do under the same or similar circumstances.”

This means that as long as the Good Samaritan acts reasonably and prudent, then if the victim dies or is further injured because of the person’s help, then the law will protect him or her form a lawsuit or criminal charges.

What if the Good Samaritan is Injured?

Unfortunately, it’s a real possibility because accident scenes are dangerous. There are two types of injuries to a Good Samaritan to consider. First when the injury comes from helping out such as damage to someone’s back for lifting, getting burned in a car fire. Then the person who was at fault for the accident might be liable for the Good Samaritan’s injuries.

The second scenario is when a new vehicle is unable to slow down and causes damage and inures the person. Then the Good Samaritan might be able to get compensated by the new at-fault driver.

Do I need an Attorney if I am Injured?

Always contact an attorney after any crash involving a serious injury or loss of a loved one.

RHINO Lawyers is the powerful, results-driven law firm, that takes Insurance Companies and Bullies “head-on!”

Even if the case appears “open and shut” and a truck ran a red light, it makes sense to seek a free consultation from a Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer.

Truck accidents often involve several parties such as the trucker, truck owner, trucking company and multiple insurers who have attorneys working for them to minimize claims.

Anyone injured due to the negligence of another driver in Florida should contact us for a free consultation. Our personal injury team will offer you advice to help you get the compensation you deserve.