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Dangerous Motorcycle Accidents On 5th Avenue In St. Petersburg FL

Motorcyclists in St. Petersburg face constant risk from careless drivers who don’t take the time necessary to monitor the lanes in front of them. This lack of attention is especially dangerous when motorists attempt to turn in front of oncoming traffic.

A brief glance may not be enough to identify the smaller profile of an approaching motorcycle. Especially at night when seeing a single headlight can confuse drivers. Motorists can proceed with the turn thinking the coast is clear. Yet, only to find out too late that a rider was much closer than they thought.

Suddenly, motorcyclists have a huge obstacle crossing directly in front of them. They may have little time or room to avoid a devastating collision that can result in a severe injury. And in the worst cases, the loss of a precious life.

Motorcycle Accident Claims the Life of a St. Petersburg Man

A man on a motorcycle tragically lost his life after colliding with a vehicle over the weekend. The Tampa Bay Times reports the accident occurred Saturday night along 5th Avenue South at the intersection of 34th Street on August 14, 2021.

St. Petersburg Police responded to the scene shortly after 8:50 p.m. They say a Dodge four-door car was attempting to turn onto 34th Street and proceeded in front of an oncoming motorcycle traveling on 5th Avenue S. The motorcycle struck the right side of the car.

The rider was identified as a 28-year-old St. Petersburg man. He was pronounced dead at the scene. St. Petersburg Police Officers continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

Finding Support for Families After a St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are especially heartbreaking because victims are taken from us while doing something they loved. The families of motorcycle accident victims can face the challenge of coping with such a tragic loss. While also having to face the enormous bills that can arise from the tragedy.

To get help with these costs, close relatives can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver’s car insurance provider. This civil claim seeks to earn money for the family to help pay for emergency services and ambulance fees. A wrongful death claim can also provide for funeral and burial costs so that the family isn’t unfairly targeted by these enormous expenses.

Families should also receive support for the loss of guidance and financial support. This should factor in the future losses a family will suffer when the weekly paychecks the deceased may have provided through his or her job will no longer be available.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Serving Families in St. Petersburg

Insurance companies have preconceived notions about motorcyclists and families must beware of adjusters trying to shift blame in an accident onto the rider. This tactic can save insurance companies thousands of dollars and rob loved ones of the support they desperately need.

Let RHINO Lawyers’ motorcycle accident attorneys defend your family’s rights and protect your interests when calling upon an insurance company for help.

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