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To begin with, school bus involved accidents are rare. In fact, car accidents are 70 times more likely according to the NHTSA. Yet, these accidents can still occur.  And, receiving compensation for your child’s injury can be more complex. Because the school district brings new challenges to school bus accident claims.

Difference Between School Bus and Car Accident Claims

First, a school bus and car accident claims have many differences. Actually, these two accidents even call for a distinct approach when filing a claim. Even though, they both typically involve a negligent driver. And, that is a key component in auto accident cases.

Consequently, a school bus accident involves the school system. Which is part of and run by the local government. Because the accident involves a government body you must follow special procedures to file a claim. Besides, the school district has sovereign immunity that protects them from most lawsuits.

Who is Liable for the School Bus ACCIDENT?

So, who is liable for your child’s injuries in a school bus accident? Specifically, you would file a claim against the negligent or at-fault individual. Because every accident is different, the person who caused the accident can vary. For instance, the accident could have resulted due to one of the following parties.

  • School bus driver
  • Manufacturer of the bus or bus parts
  • Another motorist
  • A private transportation company
  • Your school district/local government

As a matter of fact, some cases have more than one party responsible. In that case, a personal injury attorney can help you seek damages from all parties.

Filling An Accident Claim Against the School System

Finally, even though sovereign immunity will protect the school district from most lawsuits. It does not protect them all lawsuits. In fact, Florida law will allow an accident victim to pursue damages. Provided the school district employee’s negligence the caused their injury. So, if your child gets injured in a school bus accident contact an auto accident attorney to help you through the complexities of this type of case.


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