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What do you know about car rental insurance? If you have rented a car in the past you know it is an upcharge from the rental company. Yet, they require you to have insurance on your rental car and it’s important in case of an accident.

With spring around the corner, there will be more people traveling and renting cars. It is important to know your options when you get to the rental car counter.

Car Rental Insurance Options

First, every car rental company has insurance options available. Typically, you will have four types of coverage to choose from before you rent the car. These options include:

  • Collision damage waiver (CDW) – Protects the renter from financial responsibility for damage from an accident, theft, and fees from loss of use.
  • Liability protection – covers the renter for damages to other vehicles or property. Also, protects against lawsuits.
  • Personal accident insurance – This insurance covers medical costs for you and your passengers if you are in an accident.
  • Personal effects coverage – If someone breaks into the car it will reimburse you for items stolen from inside the rental car.

Alternate Coverage and Insurance

Incidentally, the coverage offered by the car rental companies can be costly. Especially, if you did not include this extra charge in your trip budget. Before purchasing all or some of these insurance options you should check into coverage may already have.

More specifically, you should review your auto insurance and coverage your credit card offers when renting a car.

  • Personal Auto Insurance – You can start by checking your policy by calling your insurance company or you can check online. Most policies cover you when you rent a car. Provided that, you are not using it for business or traveling outside the US.
  • Credit Card Coverage – A lot of major credits cards will cover damage to a rental car or even theft. However, coverages may vary so it is important to check with your credit card company to verify coverage.


How does liability work if you have an accident in your rental car? Luckily, liability is the same as an accident in your own personal car. Basically, you are liable for damages if you cause an accident with another driver. This is where your personal coverage or coverage purchased through the car rental company comes into play.

Typically, if you are not at-fault for the accident then the negligent party will be liable. However, with most rental car agreements you are still responsible for damages to the vehicle. In this case, an auto accident attorney like RHINO Lawyers can help with your claim.


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