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Broken Bones From Auto Accidents and What to Do Next

Sticks and stones may break your bones, so it’s no surprise that cars can. 178 million bones broke in 2018.

One common reason was car accidents. Cars are massive and bulky objects that can shatter a bone at low speeds. Broken bones are painful, and many people don’t know what to do with theirs.

What occurs when a bone breaks? What are some other injuries and complications that a person can sustain? How can someone receive treatment, and what can an individual do to receive compensation?

Answer these questions and you can prevent a broken bone from breaking the bank. Here is your quick guide.

The Essentials of Broken Bones

A broken bone occurs when more pressure is applied to a bone than it can stand. The pressure can occur all at once, or it can occur over a period of time.

Any bone can break after a car accident. Most people experience a broken bone in the foot or hand because they use their limbs to brace for impact. Other people experience a broken orbital bone when they hit their head against the steering wheel.

A bone can break inside the skin without the skin breaking. This is often the case with a broken rib.

Symptoms of a broken bone include intense pain, numbness, and limited mobility. Someone who fractures a bone in their hand or foot may notice that their limb is misshapen.

Many people wonder about a fracture vs. broken bone. A fracture is a clinical term used to refer to a broken bone. There is no difference between the two terms.

Related Injuries

Nearly all broken bones do not occur in isolation. Many people experience bruises around the area of their fracture. Bruises involve small amounts of blood that pool beneath the skin, and they are not major injuries.

Many people also cut themselves. Some cuts are minor, while other cuts are deep into the skin. A deep cut requires treatment because it can lead to an infection.

An individual may experience internal bleeding. Blood may pool inside a cavity or into an organ. A doctor should treat this immediately.

The muscles around the fracture may tear, or a nearby joint may become dislocated. Muscle tears are painful, but they are not medical emergencies. Dislocated joints are emergencies, and a doctor should reposition the damaged joint.

If someone hits their head, they may break a bone and sustain a concussion. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can affect the injured person’s health in many ways. It can prove devastating if the individual does not get treatment.


A fracture in and of itself is incapacitating. A person should avoid applying pressure or using the fractured area for some time. If they break a bone in their hand or foot, they may be unable to use it for weeks.

A fracture can result in compartment syndrome. This occurs when the pressure in the muscles around a broken bone builds, cutting off blood flow. Doctors must restore the blood flow through the injured bone and surrounding tissue.

Bones can heal themselves to an extent. But they may not join together properly. The bone may become shorter, or it may twist inside the body.

Treatment and Recovery

A person who sustains a bone fracture after an accident should remain calm. They should move only if there is not an adequate supply of air. Any motion can cause the heart to beat faster, increasing the rate of blood loss.

If they have not called 911, they should do so. They should then wait and ask for an emergency responder to help them.

Treatment for a fractured bone depends on the situation. An open fracture requires a procedure to close the skin. Doctors will monitor the person for infection, and they may need to stay in the hospital overnight.

A closed fracture may require an X-ray. Once the image is developed, doctors can align the broken pieces of bone with each other. They can hold the pieces in place with a plaster or splint and monitor the healing process.

Surgeons perform surgical procedures on rare occasions. An older person who sustains a hip fracture may receive surgery so they can have more mobility in their hip.

Once doctors release a person from the hospital, they should go home and rest. It may take several weeks for someone to recover from a broken bone. They should remain patient and focus on their recovery.

Legal Options

A person should contact Florida car accident lawyers as soon as possible after a car accident. It is okay for someone to wait until they are out of the hospital.

They should schedule a meeting with a lawyer and discuss what happened. Lawyers can launch their own investigation of accidents. But a person can help them out by handing over relevant medical records and giving a statement.

Most juries regard a broken bone from a car accident to be a serious injury. This means that they are willing to look at claims for compensation positively, and payouts can be substantial for people with complications. Individuals should look at civil lawsuits in addition to insurance compensation.

Let the Law Work for You

Broken bones can be devastating injuries. Bones can shatter inside limbs or deep within the body.

Even if the skin does not break, a broken bone is a significant problem. Internal bleeding, infections, or dislocated joints can occur. Someone can develop compartment syndrome, losing blood supply through the injured area.

Doctors can treat broken bones through splints and minor surgeries. Most injured people will heal with the passage of time.

But getting compensation can help you cover all of your medical costs. RHINO Lawyers serves the entire state of Florida. Contact us today.


In short, after a car accident, you may not know your rights. Above all, don’t struggle through the process alone. Actually, our personal injury team is here to help you with any legal needs you might have regarding your accident.

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