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    If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you need to contact a car accident attorney at RHINO Lawyers. We’re committed to helping people who have suffered injuries or damages caused by another driver’s negligence in a car accident. Let us help you get compensation and justice.

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    Did you know there are over 400,000 auto accidents each year in the Orlando area? Of those accidents, around 167,000 thousand of them caused injuries to over 254,000 people. Nearly 3,000 Orlando auto accidents were fatal.

    Have you or someone you loved suffered an injury in an auto accident? If so, you likely encountered car damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills. You deserve financial compensation if the injuries were a result of the negligence of another driver.

    Our team of experienced Orlando car accident lawyers understands how a wrongful injury can have a major impact on your quality of life. And the future for you and your family. At RHINO Lawyers, we believe that compensation is within your rights as the injured party. We will fight tirelessly until you receive the settlement you deserve.

    Whether injured in an auto, trucking, pedestrian, or motorcycle accident. We have the expertise and skills to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Call 844.RHINO.77 for a Free Case Analysis.

    What to do after an auto accident

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    RHINO Lawyers’ Personal Injury Attorneys are dedicated to helping each client from start to finish. From the Florida Panhandle to the Florida Keys we are here for you.

    What Should I Do if I’ve Been in an Auto Accident?

    Protecting yourself and the others in your vehicle should be your utmost priority following an auto accident. Following the below steps not only ensures your safety but helps guarantee that our team can get you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

    However, not a lot of people know what to do immediately following an auto accident. Being prepared is half the battle, so follow the tips below so you’re educated in the unfortunate circumstance you are involved in a car accident.

    Steps To Take After An Auto Accident

    • Get Your Vehicle to Safety: No matter the circumstances of your car accident, you should never leave the scene of your accident. If your car is drivable, pull over to the side of the road in a location that’s safe. If you can’t drive your car, put your hazard lights on.
    • Check for Injuries: Once you’ve secured your safety, check yourself and anyone in your car for injuries. If you’re able, check the other driver and passengers involved.
    • Call 911: Even if no one is visibly injured, you should always call the police. The accident report filed by the police is paramount in gathering evidence to support your personal injury claim.
    • Exchange Information With the Other Driver: Even if the negligent driver doesn’t have insurance, you should still get their vehicle information and contact details. Additionally, if there are any witnesses on the scene, get their information as well.
    • Document the Scene of the Accident: Write down the location and time of the car accident. Be sure to note if you see any security cameras from nearby traffic lights or storefronts.
    • Take Photos and Videos: Take as many clear photos and videos of the accident as you can. Include photos of the other driver’s license plate and damage to both vehicles.
    • Get Medical Attention: Many car accident injuries, like whiplash, aren’t apparent immediately following an accident. It can take several days for side effects and symptoms to appear. You should always seek medical attention immediately following an accident, even if you don’t have visible injuries.
    • Contact RHINO Lawyers: It’s good practice to consult an auto accident attorney after you’ve had an encounter. Our team will use our knowledge of auto accident laws to help you get compensation and protect your rights.

    What Sets RHINO Lawyers Apart From Other Car Accident Lawyers?

    At RHINO Lawyers, we do more than help you get compensated. We’re your advocate, with you through every step of the process. You can spend the time after your accident focused on healing while we handle everything else.

    Our team will negotiate with various providers to ensure you’re being billed the right amount. Many providers will inflate their costs or overcharge you. We have a track record of being able to reduce bills by 40% to 50%, much higher than other accident attorneys.

    Since the fee we receive when you get compensated doesn’t change, you’ll receive more of your settlement money when you pay less in medical bills. These added savings can increase the value of your car accident case as the extra money goes directly into your pocket.

    Direct Contact With Your Attorney

    All of our clients have direct access to a lawyer at any time of day. As a result, you have more control over what happens in your auto accident case. We’re transparent and keep you up to date during every step in the process.

    We’ll also share with you the demands we send to insurance companies, your entire client file, and the various financial offers we receive. While our team can be very aggressive while we advocate tirelessly for our clients, you’re always in complete control.

    Settle Fast With RHINO Lawyers

    At RHINO Lawyers, we typically settle car accident cases from 9 to 12 months. Other law firms tend to take much longer, but due to our technology and paperless system, we can get your case settled in a fraction of the time.

    No Fees Until You Win

    Don’t worry about having to come up with a huge legal retainer. We don’t take a fee unless we win your case. We take our fee from your settlement, which is why we work diligently for you to get the maximum amount possible. At RHINO Lawyers, we want more money in your pocket to help with your expenses.

    Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Orlando

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