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Walk for Epilepsy Hillsborough 2022

First, as part of our work at RHINO Lawyers, we help injured clients after auto accidents. In fact, these accidents often leave them with long-term or short-term disabilities. And the strength and bravery of our clients inspire us every day. So, in their honor and our continued commitment to the community we serve. The RHINO Lawyers’ team members and our families came together in support of epilepsy. With the Walk for Epilepsy Hillsborough 2022.

What is the Walk for Epilepsy?

The Epilepsy Services Foundation holds the walk to help increase awareness. As well as, to help support children, teens, young adults with epilepsy, and their families living in West Central Florida.

Who Benefits From the Walk for Epilepsy?

Well, 100% of proceeds support the ESF programs and services in west-central Florida including:

  • Scholarships to Camp Boggy Creek. A medically-supervised camp co-founded by the late General Norman Schwarzkopf & Paul Newman.
  • Information and Referral Services
  • College & Medical Scholarships
  • Support Groups

About the Epilepsy Services Foundation

The Epilepsy Services Foundation has provided services to the Tampa Bay Area for the last 45 years. Plus, the ESF offers programs and services designed to increase awareness. As well as, help the understanding of epilepsy between people with epilepsy and their families. Their programs are also designed to help others dealing with the impact of epilepsy.

Also, they offer up-to-date information about epilepsy. Thus, giving support, encouragement, and hope to persons who find themselves struggling with the day-to-day challenges and fears associated with this chronic medical condition. To learn more about them and their programs, click here.



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