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Thank You to the frontline heroes!

To begin with, our health care professionals, frontline heroes have risked their lives every day since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to, help treat and take care of the sick. Furthermore, these brave women and men tirelessly battle the pandemic with limited supplies.

So, to show our support and appreciation for the sacrifices of the healthcare workers across our beautiful nation we decided to feed our frontline heroes. In fact, the RHINO Lawyers team has been reaching out to and feeding health care professionals from Tampa to Milwaukee.


While COVID-19 continues to affect communities across America and around the world, we hope to inspire and bring communities together to help one another. As well as, join in the movement to thank all the frontline heroes. For that reason, we purchased lunch for the following:

  • Morton Plant Hospital Doyle 3 – Thanks again to all the doctors and nurses. We are so grateful for each and every day for everything you do.
  • St. Mary’s Hospital in Milwaukee – To the nurses, doctors and all the heroes serving patients, Thank you!
  • St. Pete Rehab – We appreciate everything you do to take care of the people in our community during this pandemic.

Finally, it was our pleasure to send you meals. We truly cannot thank you all enough for everything you do. And, we hope the meal help brighten your day as you continue to take care of the people in our communities.



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Morton Plant frontline heroes!
Thank You Morton Plant frontline heroes!
Thank You Morton Plant
Thank You St Marys Hospital frontline heroes!