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Metropolitan Ministries

First, at RHINO Lawyers we know that an auto accident is a major problem. Yet, people experience bigger problems every day in the Tampa Bay Community. In fact, that is why we try to help the community as much as we can.

Therefore, in a continued commitment to our community. RHINO Lawyers volunteered to help the Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa. Additionally, during the time leading our team collected food donations to help support the charity. Then, on Saturday, December 28th, our team helped package and distribute donations to the families and individuals in need.

Thus, we would like to thank Metropolitan Ministries! Helping your organization on Saturday was an eye-opening experience. Furthermore, they have a great organization that does so much to serve our community. So, to learn more about and find out how you can get involved visit the Metropolitan Ministries website.

About Metropolitan Ministries

Metropolitan Ministries is a local, grassroots, donor, and volunteer-fueled community nonprofit. Not to mention, they provide practical solutions for poor and homeless families. As well as, individuals throughout the Tampa Bay Area.

Hence, they designed their services to help homeless and at-risk children and families. No matter how serious their needs. In fact, Metropolitan Ministries will help whether a person needs to get off the streets at night or they are seeking education. So, they can get a job that will support their family.

These services are vital for the 32,000 homeless men, women, and children in our communities. They’re also fueled by donors. Because, without this true community collaboration, so many would be out in the cold with no hope for a future.

Above all, they give hope to the community.



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RHINO Team collecting donations
RHINO Team Metropolitan Ministries
Brandon and team Metropolitan Ministries