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Bucs Ticket Giveaway

It Was Game On For Tampa Bay! We Fired Up Your Inner Pirate!

Ahoy, Buccaneers fans! Buckle up, raise the Jolly Roger, and get ready to sail the seas of excitement! RHINO Lawyers gave 5 lucky landlubbers the chance to witness the might of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers LIVE at Raymond James Stadium!

That’s right, mateys! We hosted a swashbuckling Bucs Ticket Giveaway as a way to say “ahoy there” and a big “thank you” to all our loyal RHINO followers and community. So, we unleash our inner pirate spirit from October through December and set course for an unforgettable football adventure!

The Offical Rules for the Bucs Ticket Giveaway

Here’s how our followers hoisted the sails and joined the action:

  1. Follow us on Instagram @RHINOLawyers: Become part of our loyal crew and get the latest legal insights, community updates, and exclusive giveaways delivered straight to your feed.
  2. Like us on Facebook: Show us some love on Facebook and join the conversation with fellow legal eagles and football fanatics.
  3. Like this post: Don’t forget to click that “Like” button, matey! It’s your key to unlocking the treasure chest of Bucs tickets.
  4. Tag a friend in the comments (each tag counts as an entry!): Spread the pirate spirit and share the chance to win with your fellow Buccaneers buddy. The more tags, the more chances to score!

Bonus Entry: Share this post to your story and remember to tag us! Double your chances of winning by spreading the word on your personal island and tagging us for maximum visibility.

Winner Announcement: We drew the lucky winners a couple of days prior to each game from the vast ocean of entries. Each winner was contacted via Instagram DM and announced on our Instagram Story.

The 5 lucky winners were:

  • Catarina Francisco – Bucs vs Lions ticket giveaway
  • Sabrina Gardner – Bucs vs Falcons ticket giveaway
  • Talia Carpenter – Bucs vs Titans ticket giveaway
  • Melissa Perjak – Bucs vs Panthers ticket giveaway
  • Aimee Mcdougall – Bucs vs Saints ticket giveaway



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