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Multi-Car Vehicle Crash on I-275 Sends one to Hospital

Five vehicles tangled injuring at least one motorist Friday around 2 p.m. February 17, 2019. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the crash involved several vehicles which struck each other on I-275 near the Lois Avenue exit.

Three of the vehicles sustained a fair amount of damage and had to be towed, and the impact was significant enough for one of the drivers to be taken to a local hospital with severe chest pains. It’s unknown if drugs or alcohol played a part in the crash, and the Florida Highway Patrol said that the incident was still under investigation.

Multiple Car Wrecks

When more than two cars are involved in a collision, the risks to those involved go up. Naturally, this is because there are more cars involved, however, the dynamics of a multi-car crash create the prospect of multiple impacts for any one car involved. There are typically two types of multi-vehicle accidents: chain reaction and pile-up.

Chain Reaction Crashes

A chain-reaction crash happens when two cars collide which creates a chain of events the cause other cars to collide as well. Most of the danger of multi-vehicle crashes happens on non-divided highways and freeways as the vehicles involved are at high speeds and have significant momentum. These types of crashes are known for extensive damage, roll overs, cars crossing the median and/or leaving the roadway.

Pile-Up Crashes

Pile-up collisions are those that happen when cars approaching another accident or a stopped vehicle blocking the road and are unable to slow or stop in time. Pile-up crash impacts can happen one right after another or in some cases up to an hour later as cars continue to back up due the primary accident. Click here to see a video of pile-up crashes on an icy freeway.

Problems with Multi-Car Crashes

In multi-car crashes, the greatest increase to the risk of death and injury occurs when there are secondary impacts. Also, many times a chain-reaction crash becomes compounded by a series of pile-up collisions with people trying to stop for the chain-reaction crash.

How is Fault Determined?

At the time of the accident and soon after, determining fault is often of little concern. Over time, this can change when the financial losses become overwhelming. Then fault will be important as you try to figure out if you can be compensated for your injuries.

At the time of the accident, the police will investigate the scene and issue a report on what happened. They usually refrain from concluding who is at fault, however, the report will be used by insurance agents, attorneys and the courts to help determine who is responsible.

Comparative Fault

In states like Florida, fault is sometimes spread out in percentages with each person bearing a certain percentage of fault. If you are injured, and your percentage of fault is lower than the other drivers, then you can still be compensated, but your portion of the fault will lower your compensation.

Do I Need an Attorney?

It’s up to each injured person whether they get an attorney. However, in multi-car wrecks, there are typically several insurance companies covering the vehicles involved, and each one is going to point the finger at the other where liability is concerned. So talking to an attorney to be advised of the law is a good idea.

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