If you’ve received a traffic control device citation, we can help.

Receiving a traffic control device citation can add points to your driver’s license and raise your insurance rates. Just because you received a traffic control device citation does not mean you are guilty or that the officer can prove their case against you. We’ve helped thousands of drivers to get their tickets dismissed. No Court. No Points. Or Your Money Back.* That’s our personal guarantee and that’s how confident we are that we will keep your driving record clean. Contact us today for a No Obligation, FREE Case Evaluation.
*Accidents involving serious injury and/or death ineligible. Court costs additional, if any.


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    Violation of Traffic Control Device

    To begin with, Florida Statutes section 316.074(1), considers a stop sign a traffic control device. Additionally, the law is very clear on stop signs. In fact, they don’t tell you roll through them, and they don’t tell you to just slow down. Actually, they tell you to stop, and if you don’t come to a complete stop, you can get a ticket.

    Secondly, it depends on what county you’re in. But, if you plead guilty or they find you guilty of disobeying a traffic control device, the ticket will cost you a minimum of $150 plus surcharges. And, don’t get surprised if the fine and surcharges go well beyond $200. Also, if the violation occurred in a school or construction zone, expect to pay as much as double that amount.

    Then, they will ding you at least three points off of your driver’s license. And, those points will increase your car insurance premiums even more. Fortunately, there is not a squad car at every corner. Yet, if there is one on the corner where you fail to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, you’ll want to contact us.

    RHINO Lawyers

    Thus, we are a tough, thick-skinned law firm. In fact, we offer a robust approach to traffic ticket defense and all Florida driver’s license issues. So, we know the importance of keeping you in the driver’s seat with a clean driving record.

    By the way, moving violations can result in dramatically increased automobile insurance rates. As well as, large fines, and a suspended driver’s license. So, disputing your citation is your only chance of getting it dismissed, even if you think you are “guilty.”

    Defenses for Violation of Traffic Control Device

    First, we have several defenses available for the charge of violating a traffic control device. Hence, these are a few of them:

    • Visibility: The traffic control sign must be clearly visible. As well as, unobstructed by vegetation, tree branches or construction machinery.
    • The sign cannot appear twisted or have fallen over.
    • Driving: The person cited must have been driving a motor vehicle. Also, he or she must also have approached a stop sign or other traffic control device.
    • Complete Stop: The driver must have failed to come to a complete stop at the appropriate spot. In all honesty, it does not matter if it had a line or not. Thus, the determination of a complete stop is often made on whether the police officer saw a vehicle’s wheels stop moving. And, where they stopped moving.

    We’re Articulate About Traffic Laws


    In short, when you receive a ticket in Florida, you get 30 days for purposes of paying the ticket. As well as, for attending driving school or contesting the ticket in court. Thus, our traffic ticket defense attorneys at the RHINO Lawyer have a thorough understanding of the law as it applies. Especially, for your alleged traffic control device violation. So, we can give you valuable advice on how to approach and defend your ticket. So, don’t just pay the fine without knowing whether that course of action is necessary or not. Also, we offer free consultations. Therefore, you might even want to bring photos with you.

    Lastly, if you received a ticket for any type of an alleged violation of Florida Statute section 316.074 in or around Tampa, rather than paying the ticket, contact us for that free consultation. Because, you don’t want the high fines, surcharges, and insurance increase. All in all, we can challenge that ticket for you instead and probably save you a lot of money down the road.