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Receiving a toll violation can add points to your driver’s license and raise your insurance rates. Just because you received a toll violation does not mean you are guilty or that the officer can prove their case against you. We’ve helped thousands of drivers to get their tickets dismissed. No Court. No Points. Or Your Money Back.* That’s our personal guarantee and that’s how confident we are that we will keep your driving record clean. Contact us today for a No Obligation, FREE Case Evaluation.
*Accidents involving serious injury and/or death ineligible. Court costs additional, if any.


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    Toll Violations in Florida

    To start with, SunPass is the system used in Florida for payment on toll roads. Thus, SunPass users have a prepaid account link to either a sticker or a portable transponder. In fact, users mount them to the windshield of their vehicle. So, when you drive through the toll booth your transponder or sticker sends a radio signal that deducts the charge from your account. Yet, toll violations can still happen with this system.

    Though, this system has increased the efficiency of processing toll payments. Even so, the system is not without flaws. In fact, at times the SunPass system has inaccurately reported violations. So, this has created issues for toll road drivers.

    Unfortunately, many toll violations occur accidentally, without knowledge, and without notice. Did your credit card linked to your SunPass account expire? Was your SunPass transponder mounted and operating properly? Thus, toll violations can become a headache quickly. Especially, when facing multiple alleged “violations” or even a suspended license as a result. Take charge of your driving record and lawyer up with a RHINO Lawyer today.

    Reasons for a Toll Violation

    First, receiving a toll violation letter could happen for many reasons. Typically, you received the violation because you did not pay the toll. Additionally, you could receive a violation and not know. Due to, one of the following reasons.

    • Your SunPass account has the wrong license plate number.
    • Incorrect address on account.
    • Transponder mounted incorrectly.
    • The batteries died in your transponder.
    • Insufficient funds in SunPass account.

    Actually, when these violations occur the traffic camera in the toll station will take a picture of the vehicle’s license plate. Then, SunPass will use the DMV information to send a violation letter. Incidentally, the car owner receives the violation, not the driver. Furthermore, if accused of a toll violation you have thirty days to resolve the violation.

    Toll Violation Penalties

    In fact, under Florida Statute Section 316.1001, toll violations are a noncriminal traffic infraction. As a result, it is punishable as a moving violation under chapter 318. In addition, they send these citations within 14 days of the violation. Thus, the penalties may include:

    • Fines of $100 and up.
    • Three points on your license.
    • Suspension of license and/or registration
    • Court fees.

    However, penalties from a toll violation can increase or become more severe depending on the number of violations you have.

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