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Receiving a Stop Sign violation can add points to your driver’s license and raise your insurance rates. Just because you received a Stop Sign violation does not mean you are guilty or that the officer can prove their case against you. We’ve helped thousands of drivers to get their tickets dismissed. No Court. No Points. Or Your Money Back.* That’s our personal guarantee and that’s how confident we are that we will keep your driving record clean. Contact us today for a No Obligation, FREE Case Evaluation.
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    Stop Sign Violations in Florida

    To begin with, Stop Sign violations are one of the most common traffic offenses in Florida. Receiving a ticket for a Stop Sign violation is frustrating. To avoid running a stop sign and receiving a ticket you should come to a complete stop. Then, look both ways before proceeding forward.

    There is no specific amount of time listed in this statute that a driver must stop before proceeding through a stop sign. Many times, it’s the officer’s word against yours. But, that same officer will likely have been in court hundreds of times before, unlike you.

    Nonetheless, the police are like you in that they’re human and capable of mistakes or errors in judgment. One mistake or error in judgment may result in a dismissal of your traffic ticket. Take charge of your driving record and lawyer up with a RHINO Lawyer today.

    Stop Sign Laws

    In short, as a driver in Florida or any other state, you must follow all rules of the road. This includes obeying traffic signs like stop signs. When it comes to stop signs (Florida Statutes § 316.123), all motorists must make a safe and complete stop.

    • Entering an Intersection – As a driver, you must come to a complete stop before the marked line when entering an intersection that has a stop sign. If the intersection does not have a marked line on the road you must stop in an appropriate spot before any crosswalk.
    • Approaching a Stop Sign – Just like entering an intersection with a stop sign you must come to a complete stop. You must remain stopped until it is safe to proceed. That means you need to yield to other drivers or to pedestrians.

    However, there is an exception to the rule. You may proceed through a stop sign if a law enforcement officer waves you through.

    Penalties for Violating Stop Sign Laws

    First, the severity of a Stop Sign violation very depending on the circumstances. Typically, the violation is monetary. Fines for these violations range from $60 to $200 or more. If you receive the ticket in a school zone or construction zone you will be looking at one of the larger fines.

    Second, receiving a ticket for running a stop sign will add points to your license. Though, a Stop Sign violation will usually be a three-point moving violation. Could be more depending on the officer. As a result, to the points on your license, your insurance rates will go up.

    Consequently, this could also give more than the maximum points allowed on your license. That would result in a suspended license causing even more hardship and complications.

    Stop Sign Violation Defenses

    Most Stop Sign violations come from an accusation from the law enforcement officer. Because of this, there are many defenses for refuting a Stop Sign violation. Here are some common defenses for this violation:

    • Stopped Further from Limit Line – According to Florida law, a driver must stop at the entrance of the intersection or the limit line. If a driver stops a few feet back the officer may not have seen the stop. Due to the officer not seeing the actual stop it results in the driver receiving a ticketed.
    • New Stop Sign – Most people are creatures of habit and drive the same routes every day. As a result, the driver becomes familiar with these roads. When they add new stop signs to a familiar route a driver might accidentally run the stop sign. Being a habitual driver in that area could get your ticket dismissed even though you’re at fault.
    • Hidden Stop Sign – Sometimes stop signs can be hard to see or hidden from your view causing you to run the stop sign.
    • Hard to See Limit Line – The white lines you see at intersections can fade over time. This may cause you to stop further up missing the actual stopping point. Even though you stopped you can still receive a ticket and should fight the charge.

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    Thus, we fully understand your position and can guide you through a system that has been molded by law enforcement, judges, and lawyers for decades. Having won cases for our clients in similar circumstances, we know what it takes to fight on your behalf.

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