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Wrong Way Driver Kills Motorcyclist in Head-On Collision

A man driving the wrong way on a freeway hit a motorcycle rider head-on killing the rider. The tragic accidente happened on I-75 in Pasco County around 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, June 19, 2019. According to Florida Highway Patrol, the 84-year-old driver of a 1994 Lincoln Town Car was getting on the onramp to I-75 northbound from I-275, and when he came to the end of the onramp, he inexplicably made a turn to the south and begin driving the wrong way on I-75.

Another car swerved out of the way and hit a pickup truck in a minor collision. The Lincoln swerved as well and ended up driving on the west shoulder of the freeway. A 45-year-old man riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle swerved to avoid the cars in front of him and also went to the west shoulder and met the Lincoln head-on.

Police are still investigating the accident and say that it’s too early to tell if any charges will be filed.

Wrong-Way Accidents

Each year, around 350 to 400 people die in wrong-way driving accidents across the country. Most of these end up in a head-on collision which is one of the deadliest types of crashes. These accidents happen primarily because someone enters the freeway or other divided highway on an exit ramp, or turns the wrong way when using the on-ramp.

According to the Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are four primary scenarios that lead to a WWD incident: Impaired drivers, confused drivers, poor signage and weather.

In the crash above, police say the driver was confused.

What do I do if I’ve Been Injured in a Wrong-Way Driving Accident?

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