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To start with, as we progress through this age of technology, distracted driving has become an increasing threat to our roadways. Not to mention, it becomes even more dangerous when you are on unfamiliar roads. In fact, for many people traveling this summer distracted driving is a vacation nightmare.

Unfortunately, often distractive driving accidents have a tragic ending for the people involved. Moreover, NHTSA said distracted driving claimed 3,166 lives in 2017. Yet, these accidents are not limited to only automobile accidents. For one thing, our Tampa auto accident attorneys see a variety of these cases. Like, motorcycle, pedestrian, and bicycle accidents.

Thus, if your next vacation includes driving, you should prepare. Specifically, you should look up and acquaint yourself with local laws and roads. As this could help reduce the likelihood of potential distractions.

Vacationers Threatened By Distracted Driving

First, with millions of students out of school and families hitting the road for vacation it makes summer “the most distracted time of the year.” Because with this surge of people driving comes an increase in distracted driving.

In all honesty, most drivers know they should not use their cell phones while driving. Yet, when on vacation, many forget. Especially, while driving on unfamiliar roads using the GPS app in their phone for directions or sending a travel update to loved ones. In fact, these common acts make summer driving exceptionally dangerous.

So, don’t let distracted driving become a vacation nightmare for you this summer.

State to State Distracted Driving Conditions

Second, living in the U.S. you can experience a multitude of driving conditions and situations on a road trip. So, distractions while driving go beyond mobile devices and other electronics. For instance, depending on the state distractions could come from nature or the stress of overly congested roads. Like, seeing large-horned rams driving through the mountains of Colorado or the extreme traffic of New York City.

As a result, it is important to beware of the environment, local culture, and traffic conditions of the state you visit on vacation. Because everyday distractions worsen with an unfamiliar environment. So, drive smart on your vacation and reduce the amount of distractions while driving.

Tips For Avoiding An Accident While Traveling

Finally, while driving on a road trip is fun, it also increases your risk for a distracted driving car crash. So, don’t have your vacation ruined with a distracted driving accident. Instead, follow these tips to improve the safety of your trip.

  • Pre-trip Inspection – First, take your car in to have it inspected. So, your mechanic can make sure your car is working properly. Like, the breaks, good tires, and the engine is running good.
  • Know Your Route – Second, review the roads you will take on a map. As well as, check online for road closures, lodging, gas stations, and food.
  • Choose a Navigator – Third, even if you use a GPS or phone app for navigation pick someone in the car to be your eyes. As they can inform you of road changes and turns.
  • Don’t Drive Tired – Fourth, make sure you get enough rest before leaving on your trip. Because drowsy driving is dangerous, too. Also, you should break up your driving to avoid drowsy driving throughout the trip.
  • Roadside Emergency Kit – Fifth, don’t forget to pack a roadside emergency kit. Because breaking down in a remote area is stressful. So, having a basic kit will help keep you safe if an emergency happens.


En resumen, después de un accidente de coche, es posible que no conozca sus derechos. Sobre todo, no luche solo en el proceso. En realidad, nuestro equipo de lesiones personales está aquí para ayudarle con cualquier necesidad legal que pueda tener en relación con su accidente.

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