¿Se ha lesionado en un accidente de tráfico, se enfrenta a cargos penales o necesita ayuda con una multa de tráfico? Nuestra misión es formar una asociación duradera con cada cliente. Nuestra pasión son las personas a las que ayudamos y las vidas que ayudamos a cambiar. Así que, si tiene preguntas o necesita asistencia, estamos aquí para ayudar.

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First of all, auto accident victims can suffer a variety of injuries. Yet, most accident victims receive one or more of these six common auto accident injuries.

In fact, these common auto accident injuries result from different circumstances of the crash. For instance, the injuries caused in the accident usually fit within these categories:

  • Impact – As for impact injuries, these occur when a part of a person’s body hits part of the interior of the vehicle. Or, when a motorcyclist hits part of their surrounding environment.
  • Penetrating – Typically consist of scrapes and lacerations.

Lesiones de tejidos blandos

Notably, after an auto accident, most people sustain soft tissue injuries. Thus, making it the most common auto accident injury. Specifically, a soft tissue injury refers to an injury to the body’s connective tissue. For example,

  • muscles
  • ligaments
  • tendons

As a matter of fact, latigazo cervical is one form of soft tissue damage. Because it results from a sudden stretch of the muscles and ligaments. Due to the high-energy movements caused by impact. Not to mention, these high-energy movements are responsible for spinal injuries.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Consequently, a serious auto accident can result in spinal cord injuries. Thus, causing the victim paralysis or a life-altering disability. But sometimes they get lucky. And, herniated disks so the damage is not as catastrophic.

Although, these injuries are not always recognizable like head injuries. So, it is important to see a doctor after an accident. Because they can check and review your injuries thoroughly.

Head and Brain Injuries

Additionally, auto accidents can result in a head or brain injury. As a result, of the collision, your head hits a window, steering wheel, or another interior part of the car. Thus, causing scrapes, cuts, and bruises. Or, worse case a traumatic brain injury. Whereas, less severe crashes leave you with a concussion or skull fractures.

Scrapes and Lacerations

Furthermore, in a collision, you could sustain scrapes and lacerations. Usually, loose items like cell phones, purses, and grocery bags become projectiles. Thus, causing these injuries. Notably, some of the more serious cuts will leave you with scarring that can last forever.

Bone Fractures

Like, soft tissue damage, broken bones are very common in auto accident injuries. Admittedly, the severity and effect of broken bones differ from person to person. Thus, auto accident victims are often left with long-lasting pain. Yet, the more serious coche, trucky moto accidents could lead to the amputation of the injured limb.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Even though, most auto accidents result in physical injury, you could also suffer psychological injuries. Particularly, you could suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Thus, making your daily routines upsetting and hopeless. Although, others experience depression and anxiety from the accident.

In all honesty, if you struggle with any psychological injuries after an accident you should get professional help. Because therapy can give you the support needed to heal.

Avoid Car Accident Injuries

Granted, you can’t control or predict the actions of other drivers. Yet, as a driver, you have things you can do to help avoid car accident injuries. For instance, these can help reduce your chances of injury.

  • Wear a Seatbelt – Specifically, you should always wear a seatbelt. Because it could save your life.
  • Obey the Speed Limit – Actually, high speeds increase the severity of auto accidents.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – Finally, keep up on your vehicle maintenance. As a well-maintained car is less likely to have an accident from equipment failure.


En resumen, después de un accidente de coche, es posible que no conozca sus derechos. Sobre todo, no luche solo en el proceso. En realidad, nuestro equipo de lesiones personales está aquí para ayudarle con cualquier necesidad legal que pueda tener en relación con su accidente.

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