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Driver Killed Trying to Free Passenger in Crash near Dade City

The driver of a vehicle that lost control and crashed into a guardrail was struck and killed today just after 2 a.m., April 29, 2019. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver of a Toyota Tacoma went on the outside shoulder of I-75 and over-corrected and veered across all lanes of the freeway and hit the guardrail in the median.

He got out to free his passenger, and was struck by a Chevy Sonic and died from his injuries. The trapped passenger was airlifted to Bayonet Point Hospital with serious injuries.

We are deeply saddened to hear of this terrible crash.

Good Samaritan Injuries

Sometimes, a person trying to help in an accident scene end up getting hurt or injured. Accident scenes can be very dangerous places even after a wreck is over. Especially on freeways, approaching vehicles will often strike pedestrians at the scene.

The American Auto Association says that if a person is involved in a crash and there is a significant risk of further collisions, then the best thing to do is stay in the car until told to get out by authorities.

This isn’t always practical, especially when people see others in distress - it’s a natural inclination to help out.

What Should I do If I’m Injured While Helping?

If a loved one is hit or you were injured while trying to help someone, don’t fall into the trap thinking that it’s your fault. If everyone had that attitude, many people today would be dead or more seriously injured. Don’t let the insurance companies imply or say that you are at fault for stopping and thus not entitled to any compensation for your injuries. Get help from someone who knows the law and has experience with insurance companies.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, talk to an attorney who can tell you the law and give you good advice. Our Tampa Auto Accident Lawyers will meet with you in a free consultation. The RHINO Lawyers is the powerful, results-driven law firm, that takes Insurance Companies and Bullies “head on!” We describe our bold modern approach to “Accident & Personal Injury Law” and “Our Personal Mission” to empower Florida’s families to “Take Charge!”


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